Microsoft Book Cover

Mircrosoft book cover

Slim Tablet Cover for Surface Book. When I bought a new surface book, I wanted a sturdy yet lightweight case to protect the device. Cover Creator software at Amazon or Lulu is not bad - but not great either. Special Edition Marimekko type cover for Surface Pro. Original Microsoft Surface Book skins.

Pouches and sleeve

Keep your notebook and everything you need in this multi-purpose carrying case that also serves as a pack. Wear your notebook in this easy and practical brief case, which comes with a removable belt. Wrap your notebook conveniently in this sleek portfolio with cushioned pocket and multipockets. Wear your notebook and other daily necessities in this deceptively sleek pack.

Store your notebook, papers and supplies in this notebookcase. Keep your notebook safe from knocks and bruising with this stylish, rugged case. This cuffs with soft fabric liner and cushioned seams provides long-lasting, multi-layered shelter. Attaché secures your mobile devices and provides intelligent on-the-go organization for you.

Light and fashionable, this extendable carrying case is a great travelling accessory to transport your notebook and other important things with you. Protect your notebook with this slick, stamped case. With its large pockets, this organizer provides intelligent stowage for your personal belongings. With this waterproof organizer you can transport your notebook and your travelling utensils in a classy way.

Wear your notebook and everything you need in this elegant RFID-blocked case made of genuine RFID-rubber. This multi-purpose case is the ideal accessory to transport your notebook, your records and your equipment securely from the gymnasium to work. Works with 15.6" notebook and 10" tray. Store your notebook, papers and other valuable items in this roomy, sturdy backpack.

Includes a SafeEdge cushioned case and PowerPocket to cleanly organize your wires and charger. Fits 15.6" notebook. The Thule SafeZone pocket keeps your telephone, your glasses and your belongings safe behind a cups. Works with 15.6" notebook and 10" tray. Conveniently and safely store your notebook, telephone and other important business equipment in this 2-in-1 multi-purpose portfolio that can be turned into a rucksack.

Works with 15.6" notebook and 10" tray.

Finish book cover

When I bought a new book on surfaces, I wanted a robust yet light case to keep it safe. Traveling a lot and it easily sits in my portfolio. This cover is recommended for anyone looking for the best way to prevent dents and scrapes.

A rugged, sleek yet stylish book cover ideal for transporting the Surface Book at work. There''s not really room for a mains adapter, so I use a bigger carrier bag when travelling. FINAL....a hide that actually does fit, feel and look exactly as the producer outlines it.

Smell and feel like genuine timber. It looks and feel great. It is a good, inexpensive one! Looks and feel like genuine woods, protect my machine from scrapes and finger prints, is lightweight and has a good colour. It' great looking, feel good and cover most trouble spots on your notebook.

While it does not provide protection against drops, buckling or impact, it also prevents scratching in hard-to-reach places. I definitely keep it on to avoid shine on the wristpiece, scratch from my wristwatch it hits while tapping, and for general esthetic grandeur.

It took a while to get to me, but the cover looks good and it even came with a keypad cover that didn't suit my interface bookpro upon another one and it came with a display guard.

Images from other clients show that it matches iPad Pro and even with enough space if you want to include a case. Provides the finish with an unbelievably beautiful appearance and scratch-resistance. Wouldn strongly suggest for anyone who wants a cover to congratulate their topsheet that is not made of Vinyl.

I was expecting this one. It' just a tough protective cover for your book. It makes it easy to stop now, I think, because the display now has grooves on the back. Upper part of the display is slightly bigger and does not match as well as the other part.

It could be 1/4 inches larger, in the first few week my book on surfaces didn't really work out. There was a little stretching that was helping, I almost gave it to my spouse to use in a Lenovo Yoga (which is perfect). The book can be easily inserted into the book and prevents scratching in the rucksack.

Amazing produkt! Exactly the right file for Microsoft Surface Book. It will take some re-setting using the tip of the finger, but otherwise it is thick and robust enough to keep it safe.

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