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Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote und Access. Scribe Insight Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM Publisher publish new and changed data in the ScribeIn message queue as XML messages. Ten things you need to know about Office 365

This long-awaited reissue of Microsoft Offices is a serious move away from former releases of this top-of-the-line Microsoft Offices suites, from the way you buy them, to what's there? Microsoft has taken courageous moves to make changes to its product with the definitive launch of Microsoft Home Premium 365. This latest Microsoft Word version of Microsoft Word differs fundamentally from the way it's deployed, what's in it, and what's in it.

Although the changes in this case are good, there is still a great deal to know before you decide to purchase or deploy the suit. These are ten of the most important facts about the new Microsoft Office 365. It'?s in the clouds. Office 365 is "in the cloud" from two different angles.

Firstly, it is essential to download the software, i.e. you cannot buy it on a floppy disk (the exceptions are in emerging markets where Microsoft continues to buy floppy disks). Secondly, the Microsoft Outlook environment itself is configured to store your files in the clouds, in this case SkyDrive, if you wish.

The Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium is now available on a per-user basis and is priced at $99 per year for an unlimited year. Several of the other editions of the Suites are available as "perpetual" licenses, i.e. one copy of the program is only available on one computer, but this is a lifetime one.

Licence for five units. There is a big benefit in having to pay a Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium subscriptions fee: There are up to five Office units that you can deploy to, which can be Windows or Macs. Mircrosoft says you can deploy the suites on extra selected portable device "if available", which is a cryptically way of not promissing applications for the two major portable operating systems while still letting the cobble.

Microsoft Office 365 can be installed on computers with Windows 7 or 8 (but not Vista or XP). If you are installing the product on a Mac with OS 9 (10.5.8 and above), you will receive Office 2011 (full version) instead of Office 365. Home Premium Edition of Office contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, and Access.

However, OneNote is not available in the Macintosh. Got to deploy all the applications. Cannot customise your Office 365 Home Premium setup by not installing some of the applications. It installs the entire set, whether you want to use Microsoft Access or Publisher, for example. Contains 27 GB of cloudspace.

Office 365 was developed for tight integration with SkyDrive, Microsoft's response to Google Drive. Each SkyDrive subscriber gets 7GB of free disk storage to launch, and Home Premium Microsoft Office 365 customers get an extra 20GB of disk storage, giving them a combined 27GB. Complimentary Skype-minute. A nice benefit that's easily overlooked is that Home Premium customers get 60 free Skype-minute calls per week to landline numbers in assisted states.

Call Skype-to-Skype is always free, but for when you need to call an international phone number, you can use your free office hours. Supplementary releases and rebates. Home-Premium is just one of several Microsoft Office releases that are available. Office 365 Office 365 Enterprise Edition will be published on February 27.

Undergraduates and teachers can also get a big rebate on an office suite that is a little reduced, but much cheaper for only $79 for four years, useable on two units.

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