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Micro is an American Internet and media company based in New York City. The MIC Publishing is about empowering children through reading and writing. Who we are - Mic Throughout its history, Mic has been the premier provider of electronic communications, covering the key topics and multiple prospects that have challenged traditional thought and given the under-represented a say. There is a limitless inquisitiveness about how the real workings of the planet, with the need to describe it and, if necessary, the audacity to show how it is failing us, especially those of us who are most under-represented in the population.

Accepting this challange by faith in the capacity of the journalist to transform the way the world changes, we believe that unique coverage and analyses of the issues that matter to us will drive the discussion forward time and again. That is what we are pursuing by accepting variety, because when both the journalist and the source and subject they are talking about come from different background and experience, they are producing a more rich, profound and precious work.

Varied perspectives: Our voice is singular, noteworthy and under-represented. Launched in 2011 by Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz, Mic was created from the realization that a new breed of change makers yearns for journalists to give sense to the planet in a time of great change. Featuring private venture-supported, profit-oriented publishing, Mic aims to uncover and expand storytelling that transforms the way the universe works.

The way we address publicity reflects our publishing ethos: to tell great tales that transform the mind. We' re partners through best-in-class videoproduction, online marketing, digital marketing, digital marketing, and measuring.

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