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Leave me behind - Before I started the MFA program in Creative Nonfiction at UC Riverside, I worked in online marketing in the corporate world for ten years. While you are purchasing your Mountainview Master of Fine Arts in Fiction or Nonfiction, write the book you are supposed to write. Saint Mary's College of CA MFA in Creative Nonfiction welcomes authors from all fields to study memoirs, personal essays, biographies and more. Anyone out there in a non-fiction MFA? Extending creative non-fiction/CNF work and creating a "dual genre" track that allows our MFA students to formally add CNF to their academic concentrations.

An age of great non-fiction, too much non-fiction?

37 volumes of poems. A journal: After several years of editing and reading review papers, this figure should come as no surprise to me. Under-represented among the publications - Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction or Literature Nonfiction, according to semantics - is still a young artistic type, as the struggle for its definitions shows.

Nationswide, MFA apps run 9:2 in favour of nonfiction and poetics on non-fiction, according to Poets & Writers, and from 2010, less than half of the magazine's top 50 written programmes provided MFA undergraduates the opportunity to specialize in non-fiction. Reading the New York Times Book Review lately, one has the feeling that the era of non-fiction, such as that of Rome or America, has crossed its boundaries.

According to Times journalist Neil Genzlinger, the literature has been flooded by "a ocean of readers you have never even seen, who write about the unusual without knowing how everyday their little fold is or how many others have already made it. This is true of some of the papers I've seen in the Colorado Review, but I can't justify delivering them to our non-fiction tray.

One of the foreseeable realities, most of the time, is that the non-fiction section of the magazine contains too few articles, especially in comparison to other categories. "Here is an extract by editor-in-chief Liz Stephens: "When I find a textbook that' s composed in a kind of way I don't like, on a topic I think is bland, I'll just keep it on the shelves.

If neither one of us thinks a notebook is valuable and we all keep it on the shelves, that's his own prize, isn't it? Is Genzlinger able to tell the U-Bahn lady what she should consider valuable for her own life just because an experiment in a text does not work?

There are some folks who work for the New York Times.

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