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The Mfa Creative Non-Fiction

Poetics, fiction, creative non-fiction, cross-genre. Iowa University' s Nonfiction Writing Program : Our graduates have published an impressive number of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books since the beginning of our MFA program. Be a writer and refine your craft with MFA training from successful poets, novelists, translators and non-fiction authors. Find out more about our low-residency MFA program today!

The MFA in Non-Fiction | English Department | College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Over the past forty years, the Nonfiction Writing Program has been encouraging the student to research new ways to approach creative non-fiction while at the same time gaining an understanding of the profound story of the game. Through small, esthetically varied classes such as essays, readings in non-fiction books, radio essays, literary journalism, memoirs, travelogues and A Story of the Essay, the non-fiction book program attempts to provide an environment that is both supporting and provocative, creating discussion and debate in a dynamism.

Throughout the three-year course of studies, our current and future scholarships, research assistants and lectureships support our Ph. In addition, they are awarded an extra $50,000 in research scholarships each year to support their own work. On occasion, our alumni visit a number of write shops abroad, run by the programme department, and help evaluate the Iowa Literary Non-Fiction Prize and the yearly Krause Essay Prize for Innovation Essay oncushion.

The NWP alumni help run various literature organisations outside the schoolroom, among them two very beloved readings for graduates, Anthology and Speakeasy. You will help to prepare articles for the Iowa Review and you will also be editing your own work. And, lastly, they give back their days as Lloyd Jones Institute for Outreach writers by offering free and immersive creative literacy courses to individuals throughout Iowa and beyond.

For more information on how to apply for the programme, or to find out what our present and recent graduates have achieved, please browse through the picture or click on the links on the left.

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Designed for men and woman at all phases of their career, the programme allows the student to interact on-line with department supervisors so that they can adapt to the form of their schooling. MFA' award-winning department consists of experienced memoirs, reporters, meal and travellers, editorial staff and publishing professionals with a wide range of practical experience.

Use a bestseller from the New York Times to work on the memoirs you've always wanted to do. Find your inner journalists with well-known journalist and columnist. Encounter the lives of the mind with a Best America Spiritual Award winning writer. Come and experience the worlds of travelling and eating with an editor of a number of itineraries.

Discover the ability to write familiar stories with a literature edit. This is Lisa Romeo, the writer of From With Goodbye: Memoir of a daughter's love after the loss (University of Nevada Press). Their work is featured in Best American Essays 2016 and has been published in the New York Times, Brevity, Hippocampus and Under the Sun.

She is a member of the foundation department of the BPU's on-line MFA-Programme. Creative Nonficiton Writer Conference, August 24-26, 2018 in Lancaster, PA. "One night of non-fiction: CNF debut writer Readings & Discussion" on August 24 and "Reconstruction: Conversion of an essay into a narrative memorial manuscript (Create B7)" on August 26.

The MFA' s Leanna James Blackwell Executive Patricia Reis, who is a shrink and writer of four non-fiction novels, among them Memoiren Motherlines 2016, was featured in this webinar: Keep up to date with the latest literature information and events in the MFA in Creative Nonfiction programme. This interview with four writers from today's leading creative literature journals.

? Professionals are trained in a wide range of professions, among them journalists, marketers, advertisers and PR.

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