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To Mermaid Tail // Why Don't We Fan Fiction by wdwdaddyavery. Look at these mermaid novels! Pages in category "Mermaids in fiction". Well, why don't you take a look at these mermaid stories? Look at the best fiction books of the mermaid!

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A once tranquil island........turns into your wildest dream, Belle, an isle that was once the excitement of it all! The three rulers were initially in complete union; a warlock, who was given power by the Queen of Hell, got to marry her sibling. They were very intimate and excited when it seemed as if marriages linked the islands even more closely with affection and fortun.

For three years in the distant past, the tranquil isle went into mayhem. Cracks between the two bitches and the might of the two sent the isle into three distinct parts. Since then, the skies seemed to be darkened and the cheerful people who once adorned the entire archipelago have now become miraculous beings, creating a powerful strength against the other isles.

All things seem to get lost.... Until a new group of lives on the major peninsula governed by the Queen of Hell crashes. Damned like everyone else into a psychic being, the group of remnants expanded to every single of the islands to find out how to restore this once tranquil one.

And what will become of this once tranquil isle? For the mermaid, sea-woman, mermaid sirens and faerie enthusiast, this group is all mermaid, mannequin all the while. Every novel or YA fiction imagination you want to see can be found here and everything in between!

The Mermaid Section 1: Man on the Shore, a Fiction of Imagination

It sent minute ripples to explore and marvelled at the little boy's smartness, and he proudly saluted her. "Wow," a little girlie was breathing, and the kid was looking at the shoals. A young woman his old was seated waist-high in the sea, gazing at her legs with big, glistening sparkling-eyed.

" He winked, tilted his skull and made a soft "hmm" noise, rubbed his jaw like his daddy did when he thought. Then I' ll just go out to sea and have a game with you! "What is my name David Henry of the House of Lorraine? "She took his hands and shaken them and giggled: "I am Sera, daugther of Lord Solomon.

" As David bent his face again, he saw her blushing even more, and ran his hands over her long, silken, dark coat. Shaking her skull, she glanced at David's knees. "He is the sovereign of the waters of the world," she glanced at him with a big laugh and stretched out her hands to heaven.

He imitated her gestures, his gaze far. "I think so," she chuckled and clenched her face with a grin as her hands slipped back into the slack. "David volunteered to lean near her face so near that he could sense the sea odour of her skull. "Dad says I can't go into people's houses," she glanced away and sighed.

"Oh," he was looking down. "Because I can't walk," Sera said and drew a long, lush tail out of the river as she laid her skull on it. "Whoa, Sera, are you a mermaid? "Dad said people were scared of me-maids. You scared of a mermaid? Then David blew out his breast, pressed his thumbs against it and shook his face tight.

I' m not scared of Serbia, not in a million years! "Would you be my boyfriend, David? "Hera and I will be mates forever! His gaze was on the skyline, where the blues of the skies merged with the blues of the oceans. Serah stopped for a second, but then wiped her jaw as she had seen David, and then floated to him with a big laugh and held his ankles.

"Don't sweat it, David! As she ceased bathing, the bottom of the sea seemed like it was ten yards away, and he pressed her delicately. It would not let Sera down; it would do exactly what she said and it would float so that she would not have to wear it all alone. And Sera let go and he was still soaring.

" cried David excited, smiling. "Whoa, Sera, I am actually doing it! "Uh-oh, it's my mommy," he said whispering and returned to Sera. "She still seemed frightened and shaking her throat. "Well, I'm not scared of you, am I? "He said brave, smiling as she was shaking her skull. "Because I' m not scared, I don't scare my mummy. Sera and I are mates.

" It made her laugh and she gave a nod. "Okay, since we're mates. "He began to approach his mom awkwardly, but then Sera floated in front of him and wore him softly until they were only a few more yards away. As she clung to David's breast, the lady asked for a frightened, furious rose on her face.

" "Mommy, she's my girlfriend and she told me how to swim," David sulked and tried to get out of his mother's grip, but without success. "She' s a mermaid. She gazed at Serah with her tear-red blues as she began to shake and pointed and retired with David. "David was crying, but she wouldn't hear.

"Go away from here," the lady said in a whisper, and then she shouted: "Go away from here, and don't come back! "Sera glanced at David and they both began to cry. "Sera! Sera, don't go! "and disappeared into the sea where he could not listen to her.

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