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Frahlingin Regina Brooks on the publication of memoirs: Three must-haves. Could you get a newspaperman for a memorandum? Selling memos. There is nothing better than a bestseller memorandum and publishing houses are still looking for it. I asked my girlfriend and co-worker Regina Brooks when she said she had just closed a deal with St.

Martin's Press for her new work How to World, Send and Market Your Memoir if she would give me a few insight before it was published.

So, here are the three things Regina said every memory needs: What is it about in the work? Is your textbook offering a new view on an eternal green topic? Unbelievable writing: Repeatedly reread your text out loud to listen to nuances. "Get reader in your targeted markets to give you feedbacks. In any case, employ an expert journalist to help you shine your work.

I would like to break the legend that good literacy demands a lonely existence. Quite the opposite, I believe that the writer of the memoirs should deal with the general opinion and arouse interest in the topic of the work. There are two great ways to get your memoirs, instructions or other non-fiction reviews, or if you want to share your ideas with top agents:

So if your textbook has anything to do with your medical, psychological, health, well-being or related topics, you should join Regina and I in the Harvard Medical School CME Publication Course: Publication of books, memoirs and other creative non-fiction on 30 March - 2 April[Editorial note: the year is 14-16 March 2013]. I and Regina will be there with several of our editorial staff and other top agencies.

If you want a wider range of styles, attend the International Women Writers Guild'sMeet the Agents on April 17 or come to Susan Tiberghein's workshops "Memoir and Metaphor: Illuminating Your Live through Writing" on April 16. Do you have any question about your memoirs? I and Regina will be answering your question here if you write a review.

If you are interested in creating a young adult work, take a look at Regina's novel entitled Treat yourself to the best of the best, most popular and most popular of all Regina's novels, The Writings of the GREAT Bookes for Young Adults. Regina neuestes Buch, vous devriez vraiment écrire un livre : The way to spell, sale and market is now available and I strongly suggest it!

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