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So, if you have written a memoir, this is a good opportunity for you. Novels, literary and commercial, story collections, cookbooks, memoirs, narrative non-fiction, YA and middle school. 14 frahlings in search of memoirs Those fourteen agents are looking for memoir right now. So, if you have a memoir, this is a good occasion for you. Submission of a memoir is similar to submission of a fictional work.

First of all, the agents want to know that you have created a convincing storyline, with all the characteristics of destiny - storyline sheet, characters and storyline evolution, and, of course, an end.

IMPORTANT: You should NEVER check an agents without first visiting the agency's website. Filing needs are changing and agents can shut down their list or move to another one. She' s looking for new, lyric and voice-controlled texts, exciting storylines, emotive stories and memorable personalities. "Prefers email and I like the request and the first 10 pages that are inserted into the text of the email.

Enquiry notes should not exceed two pages and should contain a compelling survey of the work and information about the writer and his work. You ask Emma, don't ask Emmily, not even on that manifest. Rob Kirkpatrick has worked for more than a decade as editor-in-chief at various publishing companies.

The Wrecking crew are among the songs he has contributed to their release: The peasant prince: Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution; The Agent: Entries should be sent directly to rob[@] and should contain a request for information together with an enclosed suggestion containing a descriptive text, a list of content, a model section or a complete script (if available) and all pertinent job references, if any, for already released work.

Warnock is a founder member of Fuse Literature and works as a frahling and editorial manager of Short Fuse Publishing. For many years he has worked as a top agency, head of sales, editorial staff for independant publishing houses, publishing consultants and coaches. An alumnus of CSUS with a B.A. in creative and proffesional writing.

For inquiries please email querygordon[@] Insert the first section below your request. He is co-director of foreign rights and works as an agency for national works in the fields of literature and commerce, memoirs, narratives, non-fiction and more. Type "Query for Alexis:[Title]" in the reference line.

Please attach a request for information and a brief example (1-2 chapters) to your e-mail. Before becoming an agency, Chris worked as an editorial journalist for several New York publishing companies, among them Hachette Book Group and Random House, and assisted in the founding of an independant publishing house. She has worked as an editorial writer, acquiring and editing works of storytelling non-fiction, auto-biography and memoirs, inspirations, religious interest, sport, humour, topical happenings and fairy tales, such as Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy's The Preacher and the Presidents and Brett Favre's Favre from the NFL.

Inquiry by email to jpapin[@] The covering note will be inserted in the text of the e-mail. Attach a summary, a structure, a model section (one section or the first 25 pages of your manuscript) either below the covering note or as a stand-alone doc. Do not open an attachment when they come with a spacey email after they stumbled across it during a Paris outing.

Inquiry via the agency's on-line enquiry request system. Mr. Vanessa completed her law schooling at York Collegium of Pennsylvania in May 2015 with a Master of Arts in British Language and Literature and a subsidiary subject in Business Composition. For two years Vanessa was editor-in-chief of her university's science journal, where her fondness for books flourished and her obsession for the publishing industry developed.

If you have any questions, please email Vanessa Robins to query[@] and type "ATTN: Vanessa Robins-Query[book title]" in the reference line. Preferably, you should put a short request in the main part of your email and append a 1-2 page summary and the first five pages of your paper in Word documents to the email.

You should provide a link to any website for your request. If you have a request, please send it to jenndec[@] at. com and write "Request" in the reference line of your e-mail. You should enclose the whole suggestion as a Word file (the suggestion should contain a model chapter), together with a biography with a section and a summary of your text with a section in the main part of your e-mail.

She is an agency and enjoys working in close cooperation with her customers and to find new writers with powerful, one-of-a-kind opinions. Please enter the name of the agents you are requesting in the reference box next to the name of your work. {{Example reference line: QUERY: TXTLE for AGENT}. You should send us a brief job offer, a brief abstract and a brief biography.

In addition, please provide the publisher's entry histories and, if necessary, earlier proof of publication. Insert the FIRST 5-10 PAGES of your novel into the text of the e-mail after your request. It is MUST be added to the e-mail as we do not open any unwanted attachment. They can also attach a summary, but it is not necessary.

She spent a year studying at the University of Sheffield, UK, and received her MA in English with a focus on composing & elocution and creativity at Portland State University. She has been teaching letters in return for teaching at PSC.

For over twenty-four years Erin Niumata has been working in publishing. The first ten pages of your paper or suggestion should be included in the text of the e-mail. Enter "QUERY" in the email reference line. From 1993 to 2002 he was head of the angular micro-publishing company Gutter Press.

Forland is synonymous with voice-controlled literature and non-fiction, including best-sellers and award recipients, and has a place in her mind for inventive side jumping typing. Attracted by a house novel as much as by unconventional work, she looks for beautiful fonts, character designs that come to life on the site, and tales that are strongly local.

Enquiry notes should not exceed two pages and should contain a compelling survey of the work and information about the writer and his work. You ask Emily, don't ask Emma, not even on that manifest.

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