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A WELCOME to Daniel & Daniel, Publishers, a small literary press that publishes fiction, memoirs, essays and poems. In the case of non-fiction books (except memoirs), the publisher does not have to see the entire manuscript. With his long-awaited memoirs, Mernin takes his readers behind the scenes to experience first-hand what it is like to be a great park ranger. Thousands of authors throughout Germany publish biographies and memoirs as an alternative to traditional book publishing. CATEEGORY: Memoirs / Judaism / Autobiography.

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You can use this for memoirs. From July 2016 all below mentioned agencies have told me in person that they are NOW looking for memoirs (personal biography). Entries should be sent directly to rob[@] and should contain a request for information together with an enclosed suggestion containing a descriptive text, a summary, a model section or a complete script (if available) and all pertinent job references, if any, for already released work.

For inquiries please email querygordon[@] Insert the first section below your request. Type "Query for Alexis:[Title]" in the reference line. Please attach a request for information and a brief example (1-2 chapters) to your e-mail. "Prefers email and I like the request and the first 10 pages that are inserted into the text of the email.

Enquiry notes should not exceed two pages and should contain a compelling survey of the work and information about the writer and his work. You ask Emma, don't ask Emmily, on this playlist, too. to find an operative, it's about time:) Inquiry by email to jpapin[@]

The covering note will be inserted in the text of the e-mail. Attach a summary, a structure, a model section (one section or the first 25 pages of your manuscript) either below the covering note or as a stand-alone doc. Will not open an attachment if it is delivered with a blister. Inquiry via the agency's on-line enquiry request system.

If you have any questions, please email Vanessa Robins to query[@] and type "ATTN: Vanessa Robins-Query[book title]" in the reference line. Preferably, you should put a short request in the main part of your email and append a 1-2 page summary and the first five pages of your paper in Word documents to the email.

You should provide a link to any website for your request. If you have a request, please send it to jenndec[@] at. com and write "Request" in the reference line of your e-mail. You should enclose the whole suggestion as a Word file (the suggestion should contain a model chapter), together with a biography with a section and a summary of your text with a section in the main part of your e-mail.

Please do not ask by post or e-mail. The first ten pages of your paper or suggestion should be included in the text of the e-mail. Enter "QUERY" in the email reference line. Enquiry notes should not exceed two pages and should contain a compelling survey of the work and information about the writer and his work.

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