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They have since earned a reputation for publishing thoughtful books in various literary genres, including memoirs. Remoirs Publishing. the specialist for life stories. Are you writing your memoirs or someone else's life story? Those memoirs are the first piece you ever wrote.

Her memoirs are primarily pain-focused, or an act of catharsis.

ยป 7 publishers accepting memoirs (no agent required)

Memoirs that do not need an agents are rare. While not all publishers on this mailing lists are currently open for entries, most are. The City Lights Books is located in San Francisco and is indeed part of the renowned bookshop there. The City Lights Books was founded by the renowned author and author Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

They' re the best-selling New York Times titles. You' ve been a publishing house for over 60 years. Each year they release about a ten copies, among them a series of memoir series. Notice from Catapult Publishing. As a rule, her works have been well critiqued and many have been blurred by renowned writers.

You are a writer of literature, non-fiction and memoir. The Persea and Persea Boooks is an independently owned and operated company founded in New York in the 1970'. They have since earned a fame for producing thought-provoking literature in various literature styles, among them memori. The JollyFish Press was founded in 2012.

The headquarters are in Provo, Utah. The journal releases commercially and literarily published literature, history, phantasy, sci-fi, enigma, humour, horror, thrillers, mid-range and young adults. You will also be publishing motivating non-fiction, self-help, biographies and memori. The Barricade Books is an independant nonfiction book publishing company with a series of memori... They' re headquartered in New Jersey.

On their website, they expressly state that they favour the use of disputed-elements. Though not always the case, two of the most recent titles they have released were talks with a pedophile and'I'm going to be my own damn killin'. They have also written a number of indisputable works on American historical events and memoir of holocausts overthrowers.

Softskull Press is a small and prestigious publishing house for literature and non-fiction. Their articles include story, memoirs, literature, biographies, religion as well as philosophical and historical articles. You are an incumbent publishing house for literature and non-fiction. He was the former editors of the Chicago Review literature magazine.

Your Impressum Academy Chicago will publish memoir and is open to unasked entries.

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