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Commemorative agents

Mega-list of agents searching for memoirs (and other non-fiction). Reminiscences are reappearing in the publisher's work. Whereas bios and stories were reserved for previously known guides, authors, --?increasingly this genre opens up to common folk who just have a history that could reach a broad audience. There' s a 230 agent memoir searches.

In most cases, these agencies are also interested in defending other non-fiction books. When it comes to memories, an agent often wants a pattern, just like a fictional one. But to be on the save side, get an overview of your memoires before you start the query. A suggestion is necessary for other non-fiction books.

It is a step-by-step description of your textbook, which must be filed even when your textbook is intact. It is the sibling of The CCP, a website linking authors from all over the globe.

Two new frahlings search for fiction, memoirs, pop culture & more

There are two new operatives looking for authors. The novel Caroline Eisenmann is looking for books that deal with topics such as society, memoirs, stories, essays and biographies. Sara Bolling is interested in the fictional, especially with different personalities, spacious locations or original story structures. Their tastes also include a number of non-fiction books, among them memoirs, popular art, ecology, sociology as well as music.

Like always, make sure you check the agency's website and the agent's biography before you submit them. Publishers are in a state of continuous motion and editors can move to another or modify their terms of use. In case these intermediaries do not meet your needs, here is a complete listing of over 100 of them: they are active in customer searches:

Agent looking for customers. In 2017 Caroline Eisenmann entered the team. Grown up in the Boston area, she graduated from Wesleyan University with an inter-disciplinary focus on literacy, historical studies and philosophies. Prior to that she worked for four years at ICM Partners, where she compiled a catalogue of fine and fine books of poetry and non-fiction. Among her customers are Brandon Hobson, Kyle Chayka, Mari Passananti, Amanda Goldblatt, Robin Underdahl and James Gregor.

Besides her work as an agent, she worked in advertising at the Open Road Integrated Media publishing house and completed an internship at The Paris Review and The Huffington Post. Anything she' s looking for: Caroline's literature focuses on books that deal with the subject of society, obsessions and works that revolve around privacy and dissatisfaction.

She is interested in non-fiction, including deep stories (especially those that lead the readers into the hearts of a subculture), memoirs, critiques of culture, essays, as well as stories and biographies with a surprise perspective. Anything she' s looking for: She wants to depict the fictional combination of literature ambitions and sensitivity to the particular gender, above all with different personalities, spacious settings or invention.

Their tastes also include a number of non-fiction books, among them memoirs, popular art, ecology, sociology as well as music. In your application, please indicate which agency it is. In case you have previously corresponding with one of your representatives and would like to contact another representative, please let him know in your message.

They can more large writings resources, inclusively free competitions, appeals for subordinations, useful tips on how to get an agent, means looking for principals as well as editors who accept scripts directly from authors, tips for how to market/manage your work and further, how to construct your on-line deck, how to get reports, how to self-publish, and where to find marketplaces for your work on publishing...and other forms of mental illness.

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