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The Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc. is a medical and science publisher. Do you want to add reviews for a magazine published by BETA Medical Publishers Ltd. Director of scientific management, complete medical communication. Kuratorium der International Society of Medical Publishing Professionals.

Publishers of medical products, online journals, textbooks, pharmaceutical references.

The Thieme Medical Publishing House

Three of Thieme Publishers' books have been awarded the renowned American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (The PROSE Awards) 2018. Together with Schattauer Verlag, Thieme has launched a new Open-Access Journal: The Thieme Group today announced a publication and sales arrangement with NANDA International, Inc.

Today Thieme, an award-winning global medical and science publishers, announced the signing of a licensing and sales deal with NANDA ltd. Dr. Daniel Schiff, Senior Vice President of the US affiliate Thieme Publishers, emphasizes in an editorial in various English-language Thieme magazines the pivotal position that publishers have in disseminating high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly information.

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Easy and cost-effective retrieval of over 20 volumes from the world's leading publisher of medical and healthcare publications. For more than 125 years Thieme has been in the service of physicians and undergraduates. He is known for the high standard of teaching and teaching standards of his literature, magazines and electronics and for his commitment to medical schooling.

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