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Today 8 hours Best Companies for SMCW:: At COBI. bicycle we are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about our work. COBI. The perfect candidates should have a sound written brand history while being able to schedule and administer the contents across all sales and distribution channel.

They have the possibility to be part of the teams that develop and design the CMS strategies of the company and determine the sound of the brands in the world. It is a leading company in a completely new sector that has made it. Our aim in all our sales efforts is to make your bicycle accessible and attainable.

Every activity is reviewed to make sure it provides the COBI. cycling adventure, whether by trying it out, hearing about others' or a reliable partner's testimonial. He has a passion for life style and cycling, a writing career in on-line publishing, news publishing, news publishing, news and media and a keen sense of strategy.

Planning and management of website, web shop, blog, online advertising, online advertising, blogging, social networking and other publishing. Write your own texts and direct outside sources such as freelance professionals, translation companies and agents. Optimise contents on the basis of users' information. Search and co-ordinate your contents and ensure that they are of the highest possible standard. You can also produce cutting-edge contents on the basis of your entire trademark strategies.

Establishment and maintenance of the contents data base so that it always stays up to date. Reporting directly to the Director of Sales and Distribution. They have 5 years + expertise in programming and authoring (blogging, contentmarketing, messaging, social mediasanagement, etc.). Prior work experiences in the life style, entertainment electronic or bicycle industries. Experienced in dealing with CMS.

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