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MC is published once a month and reports in detail on news, industry statistics, sales and marketing, ingredients, equipment and services. HOERBIGER MC Publishing Limited produces fine regional publications in the West of England. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. We help authors to publish their books worldwide at a very reasonable price.

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TRANSACTIONER is the global economics, trade and technical magazine for the sweets, chocolates, confectionery, sweets, and sweets industries. MC is a monthly magazine that reports in detail on the latest developments, sector stats, sale and distribution, contents, equipment as well as service. A list of contents, equipments and packages is an annually printed book supplied with subscription for the confectionary manufacturer.

This is a directory of substances, equipments and packages, which is a listing of enterprises, which are graded according to the contents, equipments and packages supplied by them. We' re proud to be able to provide an on-line browsable copy of the ingredient, finishing and packing directory. Cannibal Buyers' Directory is a complete resource for sweets, chocolates, sweets, candies, etc. in North America.

It is a once-yearly list of producers, vendors and distributors of these articles, together with their brands and name. It also includes a list of confectionery and special broker. North American and International Edition have been available to buyers and end-customers since 1947.


It is also the leading publisher of annual agendas published on many of the best-selling real estate. We are always looking for new writers and new books and diaries. If you suggest a work or a diary, please consider whether it suits us well. Entries from Frahlingen as well as directly from writers are welcome.

When you send a suggestion directly to us, please note the following rules. Preferably, we send contributions by e-mail. Please send your application to: Once we have received your entry, we will check it and forward it to our team. Give us at least 90 working nights to get an answer.

There are a lot of entries per days and we may not come to you immediately. Please choose a suggested book: Fill in any information you think we should have to make a choice about your work. Tell us your particular group and why we are the best publisher for your work.

There is no need to submit the whole script, just enough materials to give us an impression of the work as a whole. When you submit a poem, please submit a suggestion with 10 example verses. This is a short biography that describes who you are and why you are the right people for writing this work.

We have a real estate license line that includes bestselling agendas, cartoonists and performers, and well-frequented web sites. We take into account and implements inventive suggestions that we get through submission and always strive to assess new suggestions. Allow me, please: Add at least 20 example items if you suggest a daily schedule.

In the case of table or wallcalendars, samples and associated texts must be enclosed. We kindly ask you to enclose a post-paid and address label in the right format with adequate shipping for the returning of all your paper. When you do not wish to submit your documents, please enclose a prepaid envelop.

Don't mail masters. Don't mail masters. Therefore, we do not accept any liability for manuscripts or manuscripts that you have sent to us. Upon receipt of an entry, we are under no obligation to refrain from publishing a work that is founded on a similar notion, a similar approach or a similar history.

Give us at least 90 working nights to get an answer. There are a lot of entries per workday and we may not come to you immediately. Please note that we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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