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Master Writer

Computer have taken over every part of the recordings, but they still can't help you create a good one. I' m sure the guys behind Masterwriter do. Ricingwriting and dictionary rhymes seem to either tell you what you already know or give you something the Kaiser Chiefs have invented to turn their nose open; and all the unusual writings and spell checkers in the word are pointless when faced with a page gap.

That' s the brainchild behind Masterwriter, a Mac- and PC-compatible application designed to let our imaginative fluids run as free as possible. Masterwriter will display all your tracks in alphabetic order or in order of the date they were created. On the most basic layer, Masterwriter functions as a data base that can summarize all types of information that can be associated with a music.

These include texts, demos, copyrights and publication information as well as references to music styles, copyrights, composition dates and so on. Master Writer has a very simple HDD tape player that can be used in the dictaphone way to implement your own creative music, but its primary goal is to help you create music.

For this purpose, the great thing is a custom text editor with an integrated rhyme vocabulary and phrasebooks. Master Writer is downloaded from the CD-ROM or by authorizing the temporary trial available for free installation from the company's website. It' a little tedious to register because it requires the computer on which you are installing Masterwriter to be online - it's not like a standard challenge-and-response authorization where you can copy the keys and do the mucky work from another computer.

It took Masterwriter an annoying long while on my confessedly rather weary G4 iMac, which you don't want when you are attended by the muses. One of Masterwriter's Song Info is generated by default, others must be typed in by the musician. You''ll never see a page empty again" is the slogan on the case, but the first thing that welcomes you when you load Masterwriter is of course exactly that.

In fact, what welcomes you is an empty songlist, which is the top layer of Masterwriter's songdatabase. It would be much more useful if you could sort the list of songs by category such as date, writer, performer, or record with a single click, as is possible in iTunes.

Since most of these are not even in the Masterwriter base and cannot be added, it is more difficult to manage a large library of tracks than it needs to be. It would also be better if you could select what information about your song is shown and the width of the bars that display that information.

The way it is, you only get an unnecessarily large gap for the track and unnecessarily small for your descriptions of the track and group to which it is associated - so small that you can see the group number, but no part of its name! This is another fairly easy task that is well mastered by apps like Apple, so I expect things to get better in coming Masterwriter releases.

Lyrics Editors are a simple text processing tool. Selecting a track from the list or creating a new track won't gray out the other tiles, and you can channel the Noel Coward mind. To the right of the "Song List" page, there are six main folders that allow you to view various information related to the music.

First there is the text and the corresponding information from the rhyme vocabulary, to which I will come in a second. Secondly, there are sound archives, if any. Last but not least, there is "song information", a wide range of information that is similar to the meta information that you can type into Apple or save as ID3 tag in an MP-3 filename.

With the rhyme-book. Master Writer creates and updates some of the track information such as the date of compilation and the last reviewing. That' s well considered, but the trouble is that it only saves the date on which you typed the track into Masterwriter; if you type an already created track, there is no way to do that.

It is a nuisance if you want to put your back catalog into Masterwriter, especially since the song list is sorted by the date the Masterwriter was created. There is another barrier for those who want to include available footage in Masterwriter's database: there is one, but as far as I can tell, it only works on Masterwriter exporting, which is a little self-destructive.

At my computer, he would refuse to do anything with an RTF and would crash when faced with a pure text page, although of course it is simple enough to choose text in another program and insert it into Masterwriter. In addition to capturing and exporting sound to Masterwriter, you can use Scan Info to catalog all other songs or bands into one of them.

Master Writer also stores the release information for each track, which includes the authors' name, their share of the loot, the name of their publisher, and so on. At any time, you can copy and past into Word or Wordperfect if your track must have a footnote or in-line Excel table.

Once you have gathered some sentences and sentences, you can look at them in their entirety and include them in your texts. Someone is that there is no smart way to include guitars in your text; I know that masterwriter should not be a musical score pack, but it would be great if you could at least do that.

From the looks of it, the only way to write down a note, add a space, put a tabs in the right place and type'C' or whatever, and added note icons will be prompted by the masterwriter's spell checker. On the other hand, at least the Mac versions have no printing option, and Masterwriter always demands that you use the US Letter format.

You can access different parts of the rhyme glossary, phesaurus or traditional lexicograph. The most important of these is probably the rhyme-book. Protecting a copyrighted title is simple and even pointless in Europe, because copyrights exist in everything you do.

Usually, the concept behind strategy like shipping Jiffy pouches to yourself is to prove that the track was already on your pocket before the date of the postmark, and the Songuard page of Masterwriter is a little more high-tech than that. In principle, you send your texts and a demonstration of your songs via the web to Masterwriter, which watermarks the file with the date of filing and stores it on a safe location.

When you purchase Masterwriter, you will have free Songuard for one year, up to a limit of 180 entries, after which you can decide whether you wish to register for a longer period. I' ve never known the Jiffy Bags concept that benefits anyone except the Royal Mail, and Masterwriter tells me that there have been no cases where Songuard has been used as proof.

If you select a term and click the Reimes page, you will see a listing of all the masterwriters can dig up for that term. Often you will find several hundred words and words, so you can only limit your searching by specifying'primary rhymes', which limits the searching to the simpler or more common one.

It underscores another of Masterwriter's Rhyme Dictionary's one-of-a-kind elements - it contains a huge library of products name, place name, celebrity, movie title and so on. And if you can't find anything appropriate in the rhyme masterlists, you can also use another mighty masterwriter feature:'soundalikes'.

Soundalikes shows samples of words that are not ideal phrases, but are near enough to work in your songs; choosing an item in the soundalikes table shows all the other words in that phrase. The selection of'deadly' shows all those perfectly matched words, which in turn are half of a rhyme for your initial name.

Master Writer contains two other related tools for text types. In addition to a rhyme vocabulary, it has a vast data base of known sentences and slogans, and you can look for sentences that contain a particular one. The majority of the quests I tried produced a respectable number of immediately recognizable words, although the focus is again on American English.

If, for example, you are looking for a term that starts with a hard'c' or'k', you will get 56 pages of results that each contain more than 100 words or sentences, and there is no useful way to sort them. Master Writer contains a simple sound player. Master Writer is not primarily a record utility, but it contains a very simple sound record page that might be useful for the occasional case if you want a scratch pad for demonstration idea.

While you can choose monaural or stereoscopic recordings and a variety of sampling speeds, all other settings must be adjusted using the Mac's Audio MIDI Setuptility. Shooting is then only a question of taking and awaiting the end of the counting process. There is no visible indicator that a record is taking place, such as a gauge or a time line.

In the lower half of the display all stored sound data of the currently chosen title is displayed. When you want to be part of the process of capturing your own idea, you can download a series of MIDI drums loop. Oddly enough, however, there is no way to synchronize the reproduction of already registered sound with the reproduction of drums, so that the latter are only used as glamorous click traces during the recordings.

A further special feature during replay is that the sound level of the sound is preset to zero. You can also use WAV, AIFF, Quicktime and HiFi format to upload your sound and I think this will be more useful for most of you. Here, too, there are ways to improve the process: for some reasons, when you' re trying to upload a video clip, the message'Exporting Movie' will appear, and no songs or other meta data will be imported from it.

Although the Alliterationlist is not very useful and there are some problems with the user interfaces, there is no doubt that Masterwriter provides a genuine enhancement over traditional rhyme-books. Including so many rhetoric and popular cultural reference is beautiful, but it's the usability that really makes the difference. It' also makes the user friendly.

With one click, you can see all the words and phrases for your selected words in one place, and the "Collection" system makes it simple to write down and save them with your track for your next references. It' a touch of freshness in comparison to the never-ending cross-references and page breaks when using a hard-copy rhyme-wordbook.

There is an enormous collection of well-known expressions. Masterwriter reasonably makes a mistake on the liberal side when it comes to choosing what to rhyme with; this gives you the best opportunity to find something that works while you sometimes think'how? Again, it is all too evident which side of the Atlantic designer lives on, and the non-American English spokespeople will have to be a little skeptical about some of the masterwriters proposed clichés.

That is not a big deal in reality; more irritating is that neither the rhyme nor the spell checker recognize English. We would like the producers to provide an English glossary for the programme. Apart from that, however, I am very much struck by this masterwriter part.

I would go so far as to say that I can't think of a better rhyme dictionary: if you don't find this useful, you will never find one that it is. I' d have thought that creating an online rhyme book is much more demanding than just creating a basic data base, but in my opinion it's the last area that lets masterwriters down.

It has the power to be a really useful utility for the management of a large work directory, but in its current format it is not sufficiently adaptable. Similarly, a few basic changes to the Masterwriter port could make a big impact on usability, and problems such as the absence of printing capabilities need to be tackled as a matter of urgency if they are to become local.

Masterwriter is a little like a curator's ball to give her phrase lexicon a very English name. When you think Masterwriter is right for you, I strongly suggest you try downloading the demonstration from the company's website.

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