Mardel Christian Bookstore

The Mardel Christian Bookstore

Look how employees say it's to work at Mardel Christian Bookstore. Just imagine working at Mardel Christian Bookstore in Lubbock before arriving there. Co-Manager supports the store manager in all aspects of the operation of a Mardel store. " Get your Mardel in-store coupon here!" It' bigger than I expected and I love to find Christian gifts here.

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It'?s a very blurry way of doing things. Rely on your staff and don't let your friendliness be tarnished by financialism. Don't be wrong about your friendliness towards a client. It' s an interesting job, after all it's the retailing, so there's always something to do! However, the coworkers who say they are "Christian" are living differently.

"against the atheists"

Work at Mardel Christian Bookstore in Lubbock

I have the feeling that I have fulfilled a mission and I am very proud of the quality of Mardel's work. Yeah, Mardel is supporting new sentiments. I liked that we were working in one place to help them not only with the item, but also with any other need they might have.

The Mardel Christian Bookstore - Edmond in Edmond, OK

We dedicate ourselves to renewing the spirit and changing life through the goods we are selling and the services we are supporting. It is our aim to be a centre for people with a wide range of Bibles, Christian literature, films, presents, children's articles, clothing, accessories, teaching materials and curricula for schoolchildren.

Every single working days we are striving for excellency by offering our clients the best choice at the best price in our Christian bookstores and on-line. All of our educational materials convey divine values to the next generation in the schoolroom. Our aim is to help children and grown-ups to increase their growth of belief, to comprehend God in a more personal way and to exalt God's charity, might, strength and sanctity.

Believing in the life-changing force of the Bible, we help Christian services such as Wycliffe Bible translators in their efforts to enter the word of God into the whole wide globe.

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It' nice to get myself mixed up in this place. It' larger than I thought and I like to find Christian presents here. Children area is always great and they offer several home study opportunities, I had a bad experiences with an assistant in the shop following us. Otherwise this is a fun store to view and search for items that are not easily available in profane stores. However, this is not a good idea.

That place got off to a very good start, but now it looks like they're shutting down every single second. It' unhappy because it was a great store to get devotionals, educational and study material, you could get things lined here, and they had a whole series of other present style items, clothes and home decoration.

They are not the best but they are similar to those of Family Christian. I' m fairly sure most textbooks, you can also find on Amazon for less, but this is probably from any tile and grout bookstore in comparison to Amazon. When you are in to this store and their goods, I would keep an eye out because from the looks of it, it will surely look like they are going to be shutting their doors in the near term and you might be able to take up some sales.

Didn't anticipate such a giant shop - we've only halted because of a present. Pedagogy was great - we wanted to get additional pedagogical materials for my two youngest children in primary school, but there is a big discrepancy between looking at something on-line and actually browsing it in a shop.

We had a metric ton principalstream material - we took along Scholastic maths textbooks and some Christian educational material.

I' m so glad to have this place in Cedar Park! Several of their pedagogical supplies are fair and I like the fact that they do closely to my college and home for all the lamination I have to do each and every month. What are you doing? I' m NOTligious and I' m Catholics.

You have a little of everything from pedagogical material to Christian literature, films and the like. I' m puzzled about this place. You seem to present yourself as a Christian department stores - in fact, it's the biggest religion shop I've ever seen. I couldn't find the most fundamental Christian things there.

I was looking for a cross and hoped to substitute a coin that had been taken from my spouse in South America and a coin of St. Francis Xavier that I had forfeited. Inside this shop is about the scale of a Barnes & Noble. You have all kinds of decoration and candles.

Apparently when I asked the First lady if she had a cross, she didn't know what a one was. She asked the woman to tell me to go to a Roman Catholics shop to find a cross, that this shop is a Christian shop and they don't wear anything that is "denominational".

Strangely enough, I found it strange - tonnes of crucifixes, but not a one. Then I asked the women if they had any religionals. Just came by and saw the shield..... I had never even seen Mardel before, but I saw that it said that it had Christian upbringing, so I stop.

It' much bigger than the usual Christian shops.... but very similar. This was a kind of teacher's heaven blended with a Christian bookstore. So I got a film for $1, a CD of gospels for $1, some books for my book-worm girl for about $3 a piece....then I went through the pedagogical part and found something I wanted to discuss with my boy to help him think critically.

Soo--it' a great place in general. I' ve given it a 3-star rating because I don't like all the strange things they are selling - just because something is Christian doesn't do it that way. That is my own opinion on the subject, but it is very good for the shop in general.

Saving is great for meeting all your Christian books, decoration and newness needs in one journey. and I was in the shop in less than five mins. I' m loving this! This is a shop I really like! But I have ceased to shop here because the staff who work there are very rud.

That christian shop is big and big! I' d like to come back and shop here!

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