Making an Ebook for Amazon

Create an Ebook for Amazon

What is your Permafree eBook on Amazon? At Amazon, "Permafree" means exactly what you think - permanent free. Writers do this from time to time to give away one of their title with the hopes that it will help to further their other accounts, so making your ebook performmafree can sometimes fetch cute, long run listings of other related titles. ebook permafrees. So how do you make your eBook perma free on Amazon?

You can quickly reply by removing your ebook from KDP/Kindle Unlimited and downloading it for free onto a competitive ebook platforms such as Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, etc. If so, go to your Amazon eBook page and search for the page "Tell us about a lower price". Fill in the e-Book registration information to inform Amazon about the places where the eBook is offered for free.

They may want to make buddies & familiy do the same to enhance the advantages of hit. Finally, some suggest that you go directly to Amazon KDP for help, but my instinct is that this could be risk. Suppose your ebook is already released on Amazon, the first thing you want to do to get your ebook for free is to make sure it is deleted from KDP/Kindle Unlimited.

Login to your Kindle Direct Publishing and search for the titles you want to make free. You will see "KINDLE EBOOK ACTIONS" on the right side and below it a pushbutton "Promote and Advertise". Now you will want to post your eBook on other competitive sites like iBooks, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, Scribd, etc.

Be sure to adjust your ebook to $0.00 after you have uploaded. They are used when you inform Amazon where your eBook is available for free. ebook Third Partys ebook publications and distributions service to make this task easier: Visit the Amazon page where your eBook is stored and go to "Product Details" and browse down.

You' ll see all kinds of other information like file size, release date, language, Amazon bestseller rank, etc. You will find a hyperlink below with the inscription "Would you like to inform us about a lower rate? As you have been uploading to a competitive site, choose "Website (Online)" and enter the address of one of the competitive pages on which your eBook was posted.

Incl. postage and packing. As soon as you have announced a lower prize, you must lean back and await. Amazons know everything and will probably see you signed in. In the course of qualifying, ask your friend and your relatives to declare the prize as a favour for you.

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