Making a good Writer great

Make a good writer great

She is the author of five popular books on screenplay and film: Craftsmanship in itself is simply not enough in any creative effort. I' m more interested in effective writing, and here are six tips on how to do that. And, of course, this also applies to almost every other so-called "great" writer. Words of beauty don't make you a good writer.

Make a good writer great

But in any creativity, no mater how solid or thorough, the artisan skills are not enough to create and grow a truly unique work. Crafts can offer structured instruments, but it does not appeal to the most fundamental and versatile aspect of all art work - the creativity part.

By discussing, practicing and analyzing lecture notes, comprehension and working with such central forms of creativity as non-linear thought, metaphoric thought, metaphoric thought, opposing thought and the use of one's own subconscious are facilitated. Making-a-Good Writer Great does exactly what its name says - offering both beginners and seasoned authors the opportunity to broaden their creativity and develop their writing skills to a higher artistry.

Make a good writer great

This new, original complement to Linda Seger's very much loved book compilation has been developed not only to stimulate the author's own creativeness, but also to convey the writers' understanding of the writing and writing processes in the story.

Making-a-Good Writer Great does exactly what the book says - and gives authors the necessary know-how to create at the highest art-standard. She has since advised more than 2,000 screenplays and 100 film productions with authors, productions, directors as well as producing firms and lectured screenplays in 31 different markets.

Her numerous customers include Ray Bradbury, Peter Jackson, William Kelley, Tony Bill, ITC Entertainment, Charles Fries Entertainment, TriStar Pictures and the Sundance Institute. Her work has included executive training at ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, Embassy TV, RAI (Italy) and ZDF (Germany) as well as members of the American Film Institute, the Directors Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America, the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Eight scriptwriting novels.

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