Making a Booklet in word

Create a booklet in word

Is it possible to create a booklet with MS Word? Launch a new or an existing document that you need. Click on File -> Page Setup in the menu bar. On the Margins tab, in the Multiple Pages list, select Book Fold. When your document is not set to landscape, Microsoft Word automatically sets it to landscape.

Creating a booklet in Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to produce brochures for a specific project, a whole division or current information about your business. Start Word 2007 and click the Office icon. To open the New Document dialogue field, click New, and then click Brochures and Brochures in the Templates section of the dialogue field.

Select the files you want to edit by double-clicking on the "Programs" or "Catalogs" symbol and check the templates used. Most of the time, the Word brochures will not exactly meet your needs, but they are all quickly adaptable. To open a new Word 2007 document in a new Word 2007 document, double-click a one. Check the pages of the document to get an impression of what you need to change on each page, complete with wildcard text and pictures.

Do this again to enter all wildcard headings and subheadings throughout the booklet. When you do not need all the headings contained in Word, mark the text and click the "Delete" button. Repetition with the wildcard text under all headings and subheadings.

Some Word documents may use this language in either Greeks or Gobbledygoks. Burn the booklet as something from your business. Then click on the "Insert" page, then on the "Image" icon on the Ribbon and navigate to your original image. To paste the document, double-click it. As soon as it is displayed in the booklet, click on the rose-colored" Picture Tools" folder.

When you click on the "Wrap Text" pushbutton, choose "Square" and pull the logotype to the place where it best suits you. You can use the "Image" icon on the Paste page to add extra pictures to the booklet - for example, an illustration for a booklet that is meant to be a catalogue, or a handbook for employees you would like to meet. Delete Word templates wildcards by selecting them and press the "Delete" icon.

Then click the Office pushbutton again and select "Save As". Enter a name for the booklet, select the location on your local computer and click on the "Save" icon. She is a freelance editor whose main skills are MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher), Photoshop, Paint, Desk top level publication, graphic and graphic work.

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