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We' ve compiled a list of writing programs and tools that can help break the writer's block and turn any business owner into a better writer. To write is not to showcase your vocabulary. Write apps for entrepreneurs: Improve your typing You will become an expert in your industry by studying everything you can and then broadening that knowledgebase by translating your theoretical skills into practical applications. However when it comes to typing, many small businesses proprietors may not seem to win any progress. That' s why today we have compiled a shortlist of applications and utilities that can help overcome this obstacle and turn everyone into a better author.

Continuous review of the use of words and phrases while typing can really speed up the game. With the Writefull application, however, it's almost as if you had your own text editing software directly in your text processing system. No matter which authoring tools you use, this application provides a pop-up where you can compare five different parts of your typing with other samples from the whole Google Books and Wikipedia database:

The Hemingway application will help you make your typing clearer, more succinct and more powerful by emphasizing text passages that could be reworked to make it more Hemingway-like. Do you know that MIT (yes that MIT) provides free on-line classes on any kind of letter you can ever imagin? If it' a better way to describe a new products or inspire another formulation, this application will help you to let your creativity flow in the words of Shakespeare and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Practise makes perfect when it comes to the written part. It will help you define your targets for counting words and force you to stop thought and play. You can be frustrated when you type, but keep in mind - if you keep working on it, you'll get better!

You can use these applications to get out of your write crisis. Are you a great writer as an businessman? Where would you put your tool or application on this mailing lists?

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