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Home to interactive, visual stories where YOU choose your path. you can make purchases in the game. This is not dependent on the engine, e.g. Unity has enough UI system to build such games.

In the first place, a story is a group of chapters that tell a story. The first time you make a story in "Seen", you will come across this screen.

Tales you are playing

Featuring romanticism, play, horror and more, has the best compilation of story games in the game! You will make new lifelong boyfriends in this collegiate play and find real loves to enchant your classmates. - dress your characters in fashionable clothes for special occasions such as a run. w THE CHROWN & THE FLAME - Your foes have stolen your realm, but now it's your turn to build an armies, rule your spells and recapture your throne!

Take on the part of the heroes in this storytelling interactivity. - Ally up your forces and create relations. - Dress- in fashionable elegance and strong armour. - Slay your foes in an epochal war! ? properfect match - Register for the high-tech matching service of Eros Incorporated and get to grips with the fun of playing online poker!

Make your look, find your partner and fell in loving this exciting story! - You can customise your date to suit you. HIGH SHOOL STORY - It's your first time at a new high-school! Find boyfriends, make romance and go to prom. Experience your teenage years in your own high story!

ÜBER ÜSChoices is from the staff that has been offering you storytelling games for over a decad. We' ve developed the top 25 top 25 episodic games Cause of Death and survival high school for EA. When EA left, our Pixelberry staff joined forces in a small studio to keep on developing games with their hearts and minds and bring the two exciting games, High School Story and Hollywood U, to market.

During our 10 years developing story games together, we have seen heart aches, weddings, great adventure and even pixel babies. Keep checking back for more new story games in choice!

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