Make your own Story Games

Create your own story games

Play with our Storymaker game. St storytellers do a fantastic job in hospitals by encouraging children and their visitors with stories made up especially for them. This episode lets you live your stories with love, romance, adventure and drama. Isn' it amazing if you were a character in your favorite story? Hi, I'm the storyteller.

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Here you can make your own story. If so, select a fairytale story, a nightmare story or a sci-fi story. Waiting for the storyteller to download, then reply to the question - select your character, words and places or type your own! The narrator will'make' your story - you can also reprint it!

This is my favourite plz make more games like this! where is the next butt? CaptainRap3000, I'm sorry, but these games do not work on cell phone or tablet, so you may not be able to see the read or the next one.

You may need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Reader or modify your browsing preferences to allow Flash if you cannot see it. Oh, I like every kind of story!


Make a salsa tune for Chuck to do. Customize the sheets for Caillou! Will you help Miguel make a cartoon for Tito? Combine and draw block letters with Caillou! Browse Big Bird's shelves and find things that begin with a specific character. Say a word to the Clifford pup! Compete with Theo in a puzzler and see a short film!

Hop into Dog's mailbox to find mail! Alpha Pig is here to help you find the characters! Do you know your five minds? Make a salsa tune for Chuck to do. Customize the sheets for Caillou! Will you help Miguel make a cartoon for Tito? Make an ingame tool and enjoy playing tunes with your buddies and other people!

Will you help Miguel make a cartoon for Tito? Playing musical to show how you are feeling. Create your own cookies in order to service your clients with Ruff!

Subtitle - Choose your story: Making a story | Tips

When you' re one of the million folks enjoying live storytelling on your iPhone or iPad, you may be asking yourself how you can make your own storytelling so others can have it. We' re going to show you the whole story in this story, how to make a story in Episode - Choose Your Story, and even give you some hints to help you do it.

Build a story in Episode - Choose your story is really simple, and the boys behind the pack have two simple ways to build their story and publish it. We' re personal supporters of the web browser-based authoring system, which you can use to write your story from the convenience of your computer.

You can do this by going to the website and click on the "Create Story" button in the upper right onscreen. As soon as you are signed in, the authoring system starts and you can create your own episodes in Episode - Choose Your Story.

Admittedly, making computer based storytelling is a little more complex, but if you really want to go into the depths, then we suggest you do it here. But if you prefer to write your story from your favourite armchair or even from your own bedroom, you can also write new story directly from yourphone.

Browse down the dropdown menu until you see an element named CARREATE. As soon as you have recognized this, touch it and the story editors will start. Use it to write a new story, resume a story you've been working on, or even post a story you've already made. Choosing your story is very simple, and there are many hints that will help you as you try to build your favourite tales to tell them to others.

When you need some inspirational ideas, you should look at some of the hot stuff in the application to get a good picture of how others have been doing in their own story. Don't be scared to work with your story before you release it. When you are sure it is done, just put it in the application and just sit back and let everyone read it and share their thoughts!

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