Make your own Story Book Template

Create your own Story Book Template

You can download our templates to get started. The way you live your life affects your work, so make sure you have one. Remove pages from the template. Add pages to the template. See sample books, children's book templates or create your own design.

Personalized Teaching History Models | Families and Adults

We' re inviting parents to personalise these story models with their own photographs or images so that their children know what to look for and how to behave in a wide range of daily life settings! Customise these personalised story guides with your own images so your kid knows what to look for in different circumstances!

To use the templates for personalised storytelling, click here. Personalised histories are currently available: Keep up to date for more tales as they are made!

DLTK's Make your own book

They are very easy to use, with pictures to address small kids and easy, repeating rhymes that kids in kindergarten up to the age of 1. Be free to make as many photocopies as you need (just don't selling them, as they should be free for everyone).

You can use our Activities, Frog Activities or Word Family Activities worksheet to supplement the mini-book. We' ve created a demo movie about the compilation of your mini-book. Artwork of your own choosing. B&W is a joy for small kids to colour in or for older kids to colour in as a gift for the younger ones.

I' m happy to print a colour case and b/w pages. Colour the stencil parts when using the B/W side. Pictures are not for this book, have fun putting them together! When you think of a'real' book for a second, you know that each page is printed on the front and back.

We' re gonna flip the pages to make it like a book. For now, don't look at the artwork. Buckle each side along the spotted centerline so that the pictures are on the outside and the empty sides of the sheet of cardboard are on the inside (imagine making a greetings card).

Pile the pages so that the uneven numbers are on top and the pleated sides are rows. PAGE COVER: Wrinkle the wrapper along the dashed line, again with the outlines. OPTIONALLY: You can lamination the front page or printing on cardboard if you want it to look more like a genuine bookback.

COMPILING THE BOOK: Slide the pages in so that you see page 1 when you open the front page - the opened sides of the pages go against the folding part of the front page. Closing the front page, tapping the book to keep everything in line.

Place three or four clips along the edges to keep the book together. Browse through the book once and fold the pages gently to make reading easy for the kids. After you print, exit the template pane to go back to this page. If you have problems adjusting the template on a page (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers), reset the page borders to zero.

If you also switch off the header and footer, you need to trim less, please note: the term "once" will be used on each page of history. It' a harder term for younger kids, but it's usual in children's tales (once) and is similar to "one", so I thought it was rewarding to include. who rides a pig. who wears a wooden shoe. who sits on a tree trunk. who drinks a cauldron. who lives in Prague. who hunts a dog. who hides from the hags. who jogges.

Mini-book templates:

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