Make your own Story Book Online for free

Create your own free Story Book Online

It' free and not too expensive for a premium account. Learn more in Great Online Story Maker. Select a template to create your book: Create your own book online for free! You can create your own beautiful book with our unique online book editor.

Sites where children can make a book

These are some sites where you and your children can create your own digitized book, with a link to more information about them. Aside from the security issues, our children can gain so much from doing these things with us. Booksr is a utility that will help children create their own basic electronic book by using pictures from Flickr.

For more information, see The Book Chook. Story Jumper is a great website where a child can learn to write a story by another child and write and post their own text. For more information, see The Book Chook. This is a safe website that helps to encourage youngsters to make their own story and work.

Raise children's own designs from your computer or use the arts pads to do so. It' free and not too costly for a first class user interface. For more information, see The Book Chook. The Storybird is so much for you! There are many breathtaking artworks by grown-up artists, and members can use them to tell their own story.

For more information, see The Book Chook, and see my example story bird. SoonDoo is a great website where young folks can make their own comic books and comic books by editing works of art, balloons, texts and patterns. The bookmaker function allows you to assemble the comic books you have made. You can find more information on Making a Book at ToonDoo.

The Carnegie Library's My Story Maker. There is a storyteller who makes proposals to advance the story. "You' ve got the authority to choose - choose the character, take them on an adventure and create your own story. With My Story Maker you can manage your character and items - and sets are created for you!

Or you can type in your own words. When you' re done with your story, you can reprint it." Once a story satisfies the child, they can reprint, distribute or even down-load it. Learn more in Great Online Story Maker. Sesame Workshop's Pinky Dinky Doo lets kid's choice between Silly Story, Ghost Story, Fairy Tale, Enigma and Outer Space Story.

Image and language cues help children select words to fill in the gaps in the story presentation. Your child's read/write links are often amplified when your child's story is viewed with each selection. Or you might want to check out Tools for Digital Storytelling. Have a favourite site to encourage children to start typing?

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