Make your own Story Book

Create your own story book

Find out why you should create your own storybook. Select from a variety of sizes, cover options and ready-made templates (or create your own from scratch). Mobilizing a story book. Making this special phone is easy and fun. Let your class read a story or have them read one of their own.

Create your own storybook competition

You like storybooks? Create and illustrated your own story or photo book and you' ll receive great prices. Submissions can be handed in during office hour at the Harry Hartog bookstore on the ground floor of Woden Plaza. FINAL FRIDAY July 28, 2017 Late registrations cannot be acceptable.

The judges will be judging original ity, creativeness, linguistic proficiency and the fulfilment of admission prerequisites. A first place and a highly received price will be given for each group. In addition, the Field Naturalists' Association of Canberra awards the Bettong-Preis for the best nature book in Australia. The certificates of participation will be placed in all other registrations.

The ACT libraries will show all items in September and October 2017. Submissions will be sent back in November 2017. We cannot accept liability for missing or corrupt accounts. Do you want additional help in preparing these ledgers before Friday, July 29th? CBCA' s ACT office offers a free 1-hour workshops for member school in the Canberra region to help student writing their work.

May I submit a graphical novel? It depends on the number of words in which you write your novel. Type the picture book if it is 500 words or less. If the Story Book contains more than 500 words, type in the Story Book section. You only need to create an entry by one user.

Each story book must be created by both the writer and the artist. It is up to you to produce the text and the images yourself. Is it possible to make an alphanumeric book or a count book? Each entry must be a story book - with beginning, center and end. Any and all images must be the student's work.

Is it possible to create a poetry or a book of shorts? Each entry must tell a story. When you want to make an individual story with rhymes or verses, you can do that. Their story is assessed according to whether the image or the story book is telling an authentic story with the source text and the authentic illustration.

Is it possible to send an information book? Each entry must tell a story. They can try'creative non-fiction' where your information becomes part of the story. So how long can my story last? Max. verbal limit: How do I know if my college is a member? May I come in anyway? You are eligible to participate in the contest if you reside outside of Canberra in one of the following NSW councils.

Where can I get my book back? You will receive all your textbooks back via your language course. When you are trained at home, your book will be sent back to the e-mail on your registration sheet. Take a look at their website to get inspired by their stories.

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