Make your own Story App

Create your own Story App

This is the easiest app to tell stories and make books for children in the classroom! Booktwriter is a useful application for creating books with iPhone/iPad! Children will also love this app because it is so easy to use. Elderly children will love how easy it is to write their own stories. Purchase Choose your own story:

Storybook Maker for kids and the classroom

This is one of the easiest ways to make books and tell a story on the App Store. Divide each child's story into its own library. Sharing your story on the web, on Facebook, Twitter, ePub and in film formats. Exporting your audiobook and sharing it with others has never been so easy, and now also on YouTube as a film!

Ideal for classrooms or multi-child home use, several writers allow each kid to have their own bookcase with books. We' ve been spending a great deal of our lives considering our children's user interfaces. We have removed unnecessary characteristics and concentrated on a child's creative abilities. With 3 versatile paintbrushes, a large selection of paints, stickers and sound recordings to help you tell them all.

One of the most efficient on the App Store! Educators and mum and dad enjoy web hosting, the ePub family, Facebook/Twitter, iBook export and much more. We made it simple for you to organize your books directly on your storyboard. Just move and reorder, erase and re-name pages and it will be reflected in the finished work.

I' ve been using My Story with my pupils for almost two years and we like it. It' so much enjoyment and is simple to use and so do the folks. We used to take along a book that our children could look through in the office.

My Story leaves the textbooks at home and our children like to make their own. Children like to see their work alongside the publisher's text in iBooks. The pupils can paint, take photos, write text and even tell their own story! Featuring a variety of unique designs, My Story is a must for pre-school and early primary education.

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