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You sound like you want to get into digital publishing of your own work. Create your own stories with Quandary software. Post one of your stories! Back up stories online so kids can't accidentally delete their hard work. Create storyboards with our free storyboard software!

The stories range from preschool, toddlers, teenagers to young adults.

Build your own stories - chat style

Stories unfurl through instant messaging, as if you were listening to someone's text conversations. Today we are pleased to announce an update of the application with a new add-on. Now, everyone can make their own tap stories in instant messaging styles and even exchange them with the rest of the game! You can download the latest update for free from iTunes and Google Play Store.

Tap is an entertaining new way to get into stories with hundreds of free chat-style stories available in the game. They are possessed by the hooked chats of the best tellers on the web. Some of the popular tap stories are:

Best places to learn to tell and writ "Choose your own adventure" stories

One of the most important keywords for the pupils is the importance of dealing with the text - not just being a lazy read. Many other web stories of "Choose Your Own Adventure" are available to English learners, and the "The Best...." page will contain them.

I have always loved these online editions. Moreover, this type of story making has the capacity to be a funny and instructive group work for English learners and other schoolchildren. Now there are some free online tools out there ( "and I put them in the post), even though I have not been able to find an Ideal one for use in the category.

I will also be the best way to develop one, and I am also very interested in hear from better outcomes. There is a first link to the online adventure stories that can be accessed and studied by the pupils (some also contain animations with the text).

A second way how instructors can work with pupils to create their own. These are my tips for the best places to browse and post "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories: The STORIES TO READ: Castaway is both fun and open to Early Intermediate English Language Learners. Caves of Mull was created by a group of college kids (with a wiki) and is available for Intermediate ELL's.

This is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" adventure from World Vision. Gamblers take on the leadership roles of a Ruandan hostess and have to make a wide range of choices for their own survivors. This would be available to advanced English learners. "Center Of The Cell" is a very appealing and approachable online simulator about the influenza pandemic in London.

It is up to the user to decide what measures need to be taken to get a grip on the onset. It' like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" with possible "deadly" outcomes. Sydenham River is a "choose your own adventure" multiplayer quest about early colonists in Canada. It is relatively easy and available to advanced learners.

Nikiís Adventures, I can say with authoritativeness, is the only online videogame with a humming bird. It comes from the Virtual Museum of Canada and seems to be in the category "choose your own adventure". You get different choices for action Niki can perform on the humming bird, or answers he can give (maybe Niki is a she?).

It is an entertaining English learning practice for Early Intermediate English Learners. The Jamestown Online Adventure puts you in the shoes of an early colonist in...Jamestown. A BBC adventure that puts you in the shoes of a guide during the Industrial Revolution. One has to make choices about how one can react to various issues that have arisen as a result of industrialisation.

English is much more complicated, if not more Arcanian than it needs to be, but advanced learners should be able to comprehend it. Zap Dramatic is the creator of many award-winning "online negotiating games" and "interactive dramas" using the "choose your own adventure" tech. However, your plays are probably only suitable for high schools and higher.

It is a kind of "choose your own adventure" interactively, and is very appealing and well arranged, not to speak of the accessibility for English learners. About The Top is an extraordinary online canadian war museum puzzle that puts you in the shoes of a trooper in the trench. It' like a "Choose your own adventure" world.

It is especially suitable for English learners, as it acoustically supports the text. Dog is an easy selection of your own Scholastic adventures. Connect With Haji Kamal is a fascinating Sudoku Soldier Challenge designed for the U.S. Army to help troops improve their communication abilities between each other.

When you' ve always wanted to be a drag on, choosing of the dragoon is the right thing for you. The Journey To The End of Colal is a rather astonishing film about the extraction of coals in China, which uses a "choose your own adventure"-methode. Missions US is a new website offering educational interactivity to help children understand more about the United States.

At the moment only a few interactions are online. For Crown Or Colony is a very well crafted "Choose your own adventure" ingame (you must be registered to play). The Westward Trail is very similar to the Oregon Trail series. The big benefit is that it is actually online and easy to use.

Break Co-Worker is an interesting "Choose Your Own Adventure" puzzle in which the player is in the position of a mobster. The Spent is a quest of the adventurous kind in which you act as a very low-income people. In a quasi "Choose Your Own Adventure" franchise, The Cool School is a set of fun and educational activities to help kids develop their sophistication.

The Quandary is a decent online quandary where you can select your own quest storyline that can work well as a useful tools for developing the Englishlanguage (see Digital Playing for an ELL Learning Plan) and/or as a way to address ethics (the site itself has many educational ideas). The Breakaway is an online match in which gamers are virtually members of a former boys' football club that reacts to a newcomer.

This has been made possible by the United Nations Population Fund. The Breakaway is a free online handheld handicap program aimed at reducing the level of violent crime against girls around the world. depressive quest is an action-packed text-fiction interactivity quest (or your own adventure) in which the gamer is depressed. The Lifesaver is an online videogame that helps you acquire CPR through the play category "Choose your own adventure".

  • The Guardian is truly innovative. This is done in the modus of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" match. Dust Bowl is an PBS interactiv with a "Choose Your Own Adventure" button. Recently I heard about two new well-done online titles in this category that have been shortlisted for prizes at the games for change festival: The first is Launch the Talk:

And the other thing that struck my attention is named Immigrant Trail. A videogame that will introduce you to the hardship and dangers of the Sonora deserts. Playing as immigrants, gamers are guided through the stories of those who are willing to take a chance on their life to get through the relentless Sonoran deserts to America.

By using real-time resources and the integration of the Undocumented movie with intensive game-playing capabilities, The Immigrant Trail offers gamers another way to learn and appreciate the tribute to our frontier policy. The Rootbook has many stories. BBC has created a very compelling online "interactive episode" about World War I - really a "choose your own adventure" game.

It is an animated storyline that recounts the history of the First South Staffordshire Battalion in one of the deadliest battles during the Battle of the Somme - the battle for High Wood on July 14, 1916. Instead of passive observation of how the plot unfolds, the spectator is given full command of the decisions that Corporal Arthur Foulkes must make to fulfill his quest.

Just like in a videogame, icons appear on the monitor when the audience has to make a choice to continue the film. Somebody has made a "Choose Your Own Adventure" on Twitter and it' s amazingly chilly by Quartz. There are two that have been recently developed and, although I guess the pupils won't be enthusiastic about them, they still offer teacher prototypes that they can present for pupil work:

Playing this pack to see what it's like to be John Boehner is from Vox. Choosing your own itinerary is a new BBC online user interface that simulates the choices a Sri Lankan fugitive has to make. This uses the frame of the old-fashioned "choose your own adventure" simulation.

Decision That Matter is an educational interactivity developed by the student to educate others about the risks of sexually assaulted people. What?s In The Box is a great online storyline by The Reading Teacher. That?s it. Missions US unveils new immigration game - Is it a winner or a loser?

New York Times has developed a great "learning game" that helps the public understanding the problems they face in the United States when they want to make a choice. Watch "The Voter Suppression Trail" in the Oregon Trail classics theme. The Sesame Street Book Builder is a basic, highly engaging "Choose Your Own Adventure" for the ELL.

Select Your Own Adventure plays often have to be cautious, respectful of the lives of those who are being faked and present them sensibly with a sophistication. ProPublica's The Waiting Game works to simulate the lives of refugees in the United States.

"VOTE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE STORIES." Having had the chance to try some of the stories in the first section, it is natural that the pupils try to create their own. Website is a way for college kids to create more sophisticated adventure stories.

They can' t include artwork, and it is a rather overloaded website with advertisements, but it seems quite easy to use and it is designed to type these kind of stories. Create your own stories with Quandary application. Here is one of the young student voice-threads as "Choose Your Own Adventure Story".

I would suggest that if I wanted to have my pupils do one, they make the "chapter numbers" larger and fatter so that they are easier to see (this comments makes perfect if you look at the story). These are some Microsoft directions on how to use PowerPoint to build "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories.

Hodgson has designed a bright website showing how he is teaching pupils to create "Choose your own adventure" stories (which he refers to as "Threaded Adventures") and stories they have made. That' beautiful, but the genius of it is that it does this in a "choose your own adventure"-form!

These are some quick tutorials on how to make your own Google Forms story: Bionic Formulaires As A Select Your Own Advanced Tool ist von Bionic Teaching. The use of Google for a" Select your own adventure"-story comes from David Wees. Here you can easily sketch out your own adventures.

While I haven't really been spending much of my life trying Hypertextopia, I like the fact that it offers a much more powerful graphical user experience than other fictional creation software. POWERPoint-These are useful tips for the development of "choose your own adventure" stories. Select your own adventures is from Alice Keeler.

Select your own" story with Google Slides is a fun "How-to" article and movie by Ed Tech For Beginners. Hodgson has a neat little guide on how to use Google Slides to make your own story and he has many students' own tutorials. SELECT YOUR OWN ADVENTURES:

The Weapons is a very interesting tape designed by the London P.D.D. to keep the public from wearing weapons and knifes. The interrogation room is an interrogation room where you interrogate a criminal in a policestation. I' ve told other similar stories here.

YouTube hosts the video itself, making it unlikely to be viewable from school. Here you can see a video clip on how to make such a video. The way to annotate YouTube video is from Richard Byrne. YouTube Incredible® 10 is an amazing selection of "Choose Your Own Adventure" from Mashable.

Because they are all on YouTube and few of them are really focused on literacy, their use at schools is local. However, their creative approach could be inspiring for educators and pupils who have more exposure to YouTube than, for example, we in our area ( "teachers have exposure, but no pupils").

Getting an animated lesson with YouTube is an great guide to making your own adventure on YouTube. There are some other samples of animated YouTube movies on The Best - And Easiest - Ways To Use YouTube If, Like Us, Only Teachers Have Access To It.

I and I suppose many other educators really like it when pupils are reading them, but I can be bullied when I feel that it is too difficult for us to compose them and/or make interactivity films to organise them and do well. Fortunately, I recently found an awesome little clip that clearly shows how simple it is to make one of these online.

Furthermore, and I think more important, they show several time in the movie a super-simple chart that can be used by almost anyone to create one of these types of stories that you can pick yourself. Warned, the tape itself shows innumerable fruitless humour tries, but it's definitely rewarding to the end:

While I don't think I suggest the Select Your Own Adventure movie that' s featured in The zipmy appocalypse and its role in the ELT class-room review, there are some great ways to use this kind of movie with English learners. I' m using Flixmaster, a new online editors program (still not open to the general public, but I quickly received an invite after I signed up for one) to make it easy to make live movies.

Looks like a good way to create a "Choose Your Own Adventure" movie that doesn't necessarily need to be on YouTube. Select your own adventure videos: has a great instructor-led videotutorial on how to create "Choose Your Own Adventure" videotutorials and then has another article with samples from students.

Lahana has made a very beautiful manual for his pupils on how to make an online match "Choose Your Own Adventure" with Google Forms. The TED-Ed has just launched a new range of exciting video clips that allow the student to discover different career paths. They also invite people to suggest a job to show in upcoming video clips.

If you want to know more, you can try it out on her own blogs, her own movie, which is imbedded below. This is a very useful slide show by Richard Byrne. Use this tutorial to make a "Choose Your Own Adventure" YouTubeideo.

The Rootbook is a site with many of your own adventures, which you can view without registration or login. If you sign up (which will take seconds), you will also have the option to build your own. It seems to be quite simple - the only ploy I found was that you first have to load a photocover -page to your history, otherwise it won't let you go on.

The Twine is an online application for the creation of "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories. Here is a webinar about using Google Slides to build these types of stories. This is the biggest video for a philosophical discussion about the existence of Santa Claus: Magic Moments is a really interesting kind of "choose your own adventure" interactively, where you can spend a days of schooling with the eye of a young pupil and make different decisions.

These are two interesting articles about "interactive fiction" (text-based "choose your adventure" stories): It is Edutopia ; TEL : Constructive Game in the It is Edutopia ; TEL : Constructive Game in the it is DHSB Teaching. Here is an interesting "Choose Your Own Adventure" interactiv movie about mobbing. (Thanks to Michelle Henry for the tip). Arctic Journey - The Atlantic is a short movie about the Northwest Passage.

And here, just for laughs, is a new interactivity that Stephen Colbert - yes, Stephen Colbert - has made. Now YouTube has made some changes to the utility that you can use to make "Choose Your Own Adventure" movies. Edutopia has introduced new tools for fiction and writing. So here are two interest boards on these kinds of stories.

The Netflix has started to produce the online movie "Choose Your Own Adventure". "```Tell Me Your Secrets`` - An interview, graphical novel by the BBC. Googles has released a number of tutorials on how to use Google Slides to build these types of stories online: The Mysterious Dog Final is an adventure tale written by pupils.

Select your own adventure looks interesting. And if you found the article useful, check out the earlier "The Best....." lists and sign up for a free blogs.

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