Make your own Short Story

Create your own short story

Which morally significant choice does your protagonist make at the climax of the story? Use as many as possible to develop your own skills. Share your short stories with your colleagues/friends. You' ll see your own mistakes in their work much faster than you see them in your own. You're your own best lawyer and worst critic.

Making your own happiness with the help of brief tales

Laureate Ivy Bannister, award-winning shorthandist, recently met Kate Kerrigan and Mary Malone at Dublin City Hall during the Dublin Book Festival, 2011. Vanessa O'Loughlin presided over the discussion on how to publish brief literature. Each panelist contributed to The Big Book of Hope, an compilation of anthologies of short films by over 40 top Irish writers, journalists, businessmen and policy makers, which Vanessa O'Loughlin put together for the Hope Foundation and her work with the Kolcatta prowl.

This is where Ivy unveils her secret of succes. Throughout the years I have won several prizes for single shorts, including the Hennessy Award (the year Ian McEwan was judge), the Francis MacManus Award and more than a decade of different prizes for shorts in England and Ireland. The first computer I bought, an Amstrad 6128, was an IT-Magazin award for a Mills and Boon game.

Then, Image awarded me two thousand quid for the highest prize in its literature contest. So how did I get such a gratifying break? Malcolm Gladwell says the story of our company's track record is that there is no such thing as a whiz kid. He says what gets you on the way to victory is 10,000 lessons.

There is no point in writing a tale of Maeve Amis to Martin Amis, or a tale of Martin Amis to Maeve Binchy - unless you want to provoked disgust / incomprehension / hysterical smile. The first tale that gave me my first year's salary was assessed by Clare Boylan and Frank Ronan.

Spiky " is the only thing I now recall, but I have used it in my tale - and made sure that I address the themes, the speech and the meaning of the black humor that I thought would address both Clare Boylan and Frank Ronan. Their opening must be carefully planned. They have 1000 (8 pages) tales to tell.

Imagine the piles of those tales that rise up in the hills around your desktop. So, when a storyline jumps from the stack to the long playlist, it must attract your interest from the beginning. Because in fact, what your first readers are looking for is a good excuse to throw out your tale as soon as possible!

The fictional The Big Book of Hope (compiled by Vanessa O'Loughlin with Hazel Katherine Larkin) will give you many great opening ideas: You, as an writer, must fill your readers with lust - the wish to learn more.

In fact, a history has to be edited millions of times until - every single words is the right one. It is not too early to begin a history one year before the contest next year. Coincidentally, all the tales have been recounted before. It'?s the way you tell the tale that counts.

You are looking for your own sound, your own fingerprints.

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