Make your own Hardcover Book

Create your own hardcover book

Hardback books (or "case binding") can be complex, but the result looks fantastic and can be used for almost anything. These step-by-step instructions show you exactly how to bind your own journal and create a leather cover. Draw on paper to determine the size and position of everything. Making a hardcover for a paperback. You can create your own hardcover book design directly in our design online tool.

Create your own hardcover book with this simple DIY project

Trim the wrapper from the bookbinding box and trim two 5 in x 4 x 4 x 7 and one 5 in x 1. Use a brush and PVA adhesive to stick the planks on a sheet of sheet of lettering sizeaper. Ensure that they are evenly distributed and that the smaller back is in the middle.

Trim the 4 edges of the sheet to the size of a note. Slice four slots, one on both sides of the width of the back, top and bottom of the side. Folds over all folds and glues them together with a bony folding device.

They should now have a full coverage. {\a6}# Coupez les pages du livre à 8 po x 5 po. Create as many pages as you want. Stack all your pages and make sure they are all aligned. Then, folds it in the middle upright. Using a miller, make two openings in the back of your sides.

Thread your needles and stitch the middle of the sides together. From the second sheet of writing size you trim a 3 in x 6 in. Paste the outside of the back of your pages and paste them onto the square. Glue the back of the pages and glue it to the back of your envelope.

To get a clear view inside the envelope, draw the envelope on a piece of piece of paper and trim it. Wrinkle and slice the inner shell in half. Stick it to both sides of the inner shell.

University of Bookbinding: Creating a hardcover

And if you miss the last lecture on "How to create a text block", it's better to find out, because the funny part continues today! Nowadays we produce the cover for our text modules and here you can personalise your own creative and personalised notebooks. When you' re like me, you have a stock of 12 x 12 sampled papers that would make amateur lobbyists squeamish.

Now, in today's guide, look for the ideal "statement" sample for your laptop in your library.

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