Make your own Hardback Book

Create your own hardcover book

To bind your own hardcover book. To create your own bound book, no sewing (via Instruables). Sharing some pictures of your process and your latest book. Draw on paper to determine the size and position of everything. Cardboard is easy to process for your first book.

University of Bookbinding: Creating a hardcover

And if you miss the last lecture on "How to create a text block", it's better to find out, because the funny part continues today! Nowadays we produce the cover for our text modules and here you can personalise your own creative and personalised notebooks. When you' re like me, you have a stock of 12 x 12 sampled papers that would make amateur lobbyists squeamish.

Now, in today's guide, look for the ideal "statement" sample for your laptop in your library.

Hardcover binding | Pro-Bind | Create your own book cover

Crimper gives all Pro-Bind 2000 and Pro-Bind 1000 hardback thermal covers a sleek, professionally designed look and allows you to create your own bookback. Single-handed handling only lasts a few seconds and makes the hardback connection simple. Capable of crimping book backs from 1/8" to 2" so you can make your own book covers with a perfectly taut back.

This Hard Case crimp is the ideal complement to Hard Bound Slim. These pliers are needed for the hardback bindings to give your hardback book the right back setting. It' simple to make your own book jacket, just put the boiled book from the Covermate into the cheeks of this crimping tool and turn the grip.

Allow your book to soak for a minutes or two and it's ready: This is a perfect hardcover book. Crimper safely encloses your leaves and makes your book firm and crunchy. Chamfered ducts are used to "pinch" and shape the adhesive on the notches on the underside of the book.

A complete redesign of the new Pro-Bind crimping machine; this new crimping machine was even developed backwards by keeping the fillet in the cuff. We use a throttle force which, when the grip is drawn down, opens the crimping tool's jaws and you can let your book fall into the crimping tool for hard cover bind.

When you release the grip, the 40 PSI bottle will extend and seal along the back of your hardback to create a perfectly taped hardback book.

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