Make your own Custom Book

Create your own custom book

Smiudge Publishing offers a project management service for your new book. You can use your own creative team with our templates or commission us with the design. Be creative and create your own boardbook theme. Personalize the page text to your idea and fill it in with your unique photos to create your own story. Make your own personal photo book with your favourite photos.

Create and print your own moleskines with the new "book" made of paper.

FiftyThree's staff broke the cipher to make the creation an easy, enjoyable tablet game. Papers is an astonishing iPod application - and one of our nominated ones for the award of Innovative By Design. There is only one problem: hardcopy is not really hardcopy, it is a monitor. Today FiftyThree and Moleskine present a book of solutions.

Convert your stationery sketch to custom moleskine printing for $40. This 15-page, hand-made "book" in accrual styling is the first that the legendary moleskine allows an individual design of the album. It is also a possible look into the upcoming strategic direction of FiftyThree, a firm that has not shied away from expanding into a whole range of productive applications.

A large part of the attraction of Book lies in the fact that it fits smoothly into the creative experiences of Paper. And as a paper users only need a few fingertips to make a book - choose a book with 15 pages of work. It is a customizable book with either genuine illustration or a user-defined book with blank pages.

However, this does not mean that the book in its own ritual will not become a strong souvenir. In fact, on the interface, the book could be the pulse buy of choice for creative people everywhere. But, from a philosophical point of view, Book is as interesting as a book because it is playing with the convention of analogue vs. digitally - their twofold nature of value, private sphere and the impact of shared identities on their key individual.

And, of course, it's a foretaste that while FiftyThree has its eye on the whole pill manufacturing industry, it is establishing a print facility to transfer some of its experience beyond its own nose.

Personalized Iove You Book. Tailormade Heart Book in Pictures & Words UK

Let your dear ones faint by creating their own romance book. Her new personalized UK Lovers Book is the most beautiful and unforgettable present to print and produce. Make your own romance up. Great picture qualitiy, simple to make my photobook of reminiscences and good qualitiy servic.

Totally overjoyed with my book. It was a present for my spouse to celebrate our first marriage anniversary,'paper'. It is also loved that because a mistake was made in the print, you also sent me the incomplete one that we will give to our heir.

You will be happy for everyone who loves them! You will find our beautiful and handcrafted romance book here to make your romance even better. An individualised UK book of lovers is a charming and peculiar way to share a little or a great deal of it. We' ve designed 8 enchanting themes to bring your romance book to live!

Make use of silk-soft, high-quality papers, load up meaningful photographs and design your own personal romance film. For each picture you can load a text page. When you find it hard to say the words, then say it made with a UK book of lovers. Each book is handmade and trimmed before it is tied by our bookmaking group.

You can' say better: "I like you. Her book is 7. How will my romance book look like? We will then add your selected picture and the book name to the artwork to personalise it for you. Special print processes ensure that your photographs are displayed in high definition so that even the finest detail and line detail is crisp and clear.

The remaining 11 photographs are produced on high-quality tissueaper. On the right side of each picture there is a text page that mirrors it. Now you can compose whatever you want to make your book perfectly suited to its use. Produced in-house by experienced bookies, your personal UK book of lovers is a truly one-of-a-kind and warm present.

They' re very light and they' re extremely straightforward to make. Just click on the thumbnails on the screen and you can make a custom designed book of loves in no time. Have you got any tips or ideas? Those romance pages are made to make an impact. Since your pictures take up the entire page, make sure you opt for high image qualities.

The " surround- by loved " or the "Valentine's loves book", for example, are ideal for proposing marriages. To a book for a fan, the design "Glamorous" or "Simple Hearts" are elegant and classy. When you are looking to suggest to your significant others with a lovers book, then make sure you are choosing the best pictures, as this is something that is likely to be shown to your kids and maybe even your grandkids a days.

Make a tale with your pictures and words that leads to the last page where you ask this magic question: "Will you get married to me? When you are looking for a way to amaze your significant other or your loved one with the news of your becoming pregnant, a personalized book will be a funny and unforgettable one.

Take the last photograph as a screenshot of your affirmative test and give it to your spouse or your loved ones when the moment is right. Who' ll like his own romance book? The personalized book is a safe way to make everyone's hearts die. And because the strength of your designs is in your hand, you can make a book of loves for anyone at any opportunity.

Do something unique and useful for a mate, boyfriend, parental or even a kid. The book is a great way for families to get a present from their kids for a memorable time. Make a book of lovemaking with pictures of your marriage and give it to your folks as a thank you for all their help and assistance.

Since they are made of high-quality papers, they would also make a very unique present for the first day of the marriage.

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