Make your own Creation Story

Create your own Creation Story

It' a question we may never be able to answer, but if you write fantasy, it's your job to create an answer. The story of creation is a mythological story about the beginnings. WATCH A VIDEO OF SOME KIND OF CREATION MYTH ONLINE. So what makes the rain fall from the sky anyway? During this third and final lesson of the Native American Myth Unit, students will use what they learned in the first two lessons to create their own myths.

As one writes his own creation myth

T. He is the writer of four books and holds a bachelor's degree in creativity from Grand Valley State University. When there is one thing I have learnt about creating fantasies, it is that you need to know completely everything about the universe you are creating. These range from the woods your protagonist travels through to the "old war" to which your tutor often alludes.

Readers may not always know the extent of what you have prepared, but you need to know every detail. It' s a tiring proces and I confess that the creation of the ideal universe will probably escape us all because we just can't think of everything or we don't have the luxury of a completely real one.

We have to stop making history sometime. One of the most important and certainly funniest historic aspect of your imagination is the creation legend. Most if not all, of the fantasies have a creation legend. At times writers use it prominent to describe a faith or historic report to the reader/main figures, and at other times they do not, but it is undeniable that it will enhance your story and consolidate your worid so much more.

Tolkien's name keeps reappearing when it comes to imagination, and he had his own creation legend for Middle-earth. At the centre was a god named Iluvatar, who woven the whole wide globe out of a hymn with the Ainur (similar to the angels). Because of Melkor's effort, he chose to alter the tune to his own moods so that evils could coexist in the creation of the universe.

This whole story is much more detailled than my abstract and can be found in its totality in the Silmarillion (usually right next to the Lords of the Ring in bookstores). Undoubtedly there were variations that Tolkien took and the outcome was an inventive creation that inspired the happenings of his work.

However, the creation myth of Christians is not the only source of source of source of inspiration. From this point of view, many creational myth revolves around bits of psychic beings who create parts of the earth (like an arms that becomes a hill or a river of blood). Only recently I began to learn more about the Nordic Legend and Yggdrasil; the cosmic branch having knots in all facets of the universe.

Be it a more conservative divinity or foreign beings with forces beyond our imagination, there is a plethora of materials that can help shape the emergence of your creation ischemia. This does not mean that you have to use one of these samples, but we are all affected by something, and these creation legends provide a frame from which to begin.

As I was composing my phantasy novel, the creation legend was not the first thing I made. So, don't start feeling sick when you start to write your own volume and don't yet have a creation legend. While you could probably get away without one, as I said above, it will have a positive effect on your work, even if no one sees it.

So whether you're in your story or not, it's never a terrible moment to start. First, you need to find out what your universe is and what it has made. The majority of humans think of planetary formations, but Terry Pratchett has proven that you don't need the conventional planet to make it work (his imaginary universe is disc-shaped and sits on the back of four 11th century elephant that stand on a huge floating tortoise).

They do not have to be completely inventive in every respect of history. So once you find out what your universe is, you need to find out now who or what made it. There are a number of fantasies that use the contemporary realm as a starting point, saying that our desire for technique and warmongering caused our devastation and turned the dust into a completely new one.

While you may wonder what a creation legend is when you use science or a post-apocalyptic earth, no matter how it is made, you will still have some work to do. What is the use of witchcraft? When you create your legend, there are many issues to be answered, but none as important as the presence of your own magical being.

Of course, this requires that you have some kind of magical powers in your imagination. A lot of phantasy stories contain no magical at all, but there is something that distinguishes your life from the earth that we all know and like. Otherwise you only write historic notions. So, you need to find out why it's different.

Has the divinity who made your universe thought it appropriate to give man some kind of magical gift? Killed an advice from divinities one of their unconventional companions and their body/blood leaked into the worid and accidentally gave magick? That statement you're making up will affect your story. Like if the idols didn't want your character to have sorcery, then those who use sorcery will be scorned and the idols could work against them.

Unlike a time when the idols want people to have power and thus help those with skills. However, it is most important to understand why your life is different, because all the things that are similar can be accepted by you and/or the readers with far less account.

One more way in which creation myth influences your story is to ask where the Creator is now. When it was a god, what happend to them and why do they no longer affect this aura? And if they are not, the why they are not could affect the story. Like what if the deities went because people got corrupted?

Then perhaps a faith that meets your nature will try to fix this corrupt in the hope that the deities will come back. Or on the other hand, another faith does not want the goddesses to come back because they have left people so quickly. This belief will strongly affect your personalities and may give more background story to some you haven't worked out yet.

Perhaps if your story of creation is more scholarly, it is the way it affects your present story, how the'differences' affect your character. As I said in the example above, your universe may have magical powers because of space rays. Now, does this ray shorten the life of the humans in this earth?

Any answer you find to these issues will affect your story without telling the readers about the creation legend. It may be useful to describe this legend, but anything you build in the backgrounds enhances the Forefront. Many creational mythologies also include the creation of an ultimative plague, the most evident being the demon.

I would not say, however, that this is a demand of all creation myth. Someone who is really kind to the Lord who made your life and stays around to help people runs the danger of loosing the feeling of being doomed. As I said, maybe the deities didn't want people to have sorcery, so they went.

In this case the conflicting deities will not necessarily help you and you cannot be sure in which direction they will be swinging. Or as in the example of irradiation, the creation of energy is at the expense of human heath. An equilibrium must be found, otherwise your story is one-sided.

Confrontation is the life elixir of every good story. If you haven't released every single one of your books and a forerunner novel describing your creation legend, you will never really be'finished'. The majority of imaginary realms are evolving, even if parts of them are in the printing process. A creation myth's goal is to reinforce the frame of your imagination and to be used in connection with stories and myths that already enrich the present.

This mythology may also work for other types of typing, but since I'm most comfortable with the imagination, it's really the only one I can guarantee. Hopefully this guidebook will make you think about the screws and nuts of the planet you thought you knew, and make them much more interesting.

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