Make your own Children's Story Book

Create your own children's storybook

You child can write and illustrate its own book. We' re making publishing a book easy and fun for children of all ages! You can fill your bookshelf with endless possibilities. You would like to give away a personal children's book, but don't have a photo? To become a writer means to become your own editor.

Children's book to print out free of charge.

Create these free printed children's guides to make your child reading. A wide range of topics are available - the vast majority are aimed at younger people ( "preschool", "kindergarten" and "primary school"), although some of the textbooks are a little more sophisticated. Especially the " customs story " and holiday tales are well-loved!

Printed booklets include free activity proposals and/or spreadsheets to support the story. Alphabetical stories: Animals stories: Biblical stories: User-defined stories: Holidays Storys (without riddle minibooks with vacation themes): all year round: Mystery: JoAnna suggests: "I recently tried to keep my 5-year-old occupied and came up with a funny handicraft work.

And then I put the images together and made a story about it. Arias REALLY likes his book because it is about his dad and he is very proud that it contains all his drawings. and the free times I had while drawing."

Carlene and Paris suggested: "As an enthusiastic fan of quilting, I thought up my own way of compiling the mini-books. Carol suggests: "If the print quality is high enough, the pages can be cut to 70%-75% before each page is printed.

They can then be added to a thumbnail picture gallery. In this way, the book can withstand more abrasion in younger children." Repeatable minibooks for sell at

Personalized children's literature

Whether you are living around the edge or in deep blue sky (OK, that can be a challenge), we will send you your book free of charge. In the UK, shipping usually takes 5-7 working day from order placement (another additional weeks for orders from abroad). Please see Xmas Shipping Time FAQ!

Amazing multi-book rebates! Discount up to 30% if you buy more than one book. There are also large group rebates on the purchase of more than 10 volumes. Simply get in touch with us and we will get back to you the same time. Every book comes with its own distinctive identification to give you easy acces.

Well, here are 10 more unbelievable reasons why this book is a truly astonishing buy. So if you don't have to decide for whom the story is meant, then purchasing a gift certificate is a cinch.

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