Make your own Children's Book Online

Create your own children's book online

He taught himself code and animated everything to make this very surreal "petting zoo". Each child is something special with these funny and captivating children's books. Goodreads is the last platform to be considered in online advertising. I have worked directly and indirectly with artists for my own children's books. You don't make books about uncles here or in most online bookstores.

Challenging the sale of your own children's books online & a workaround proposal

Lately, our main focus in our webcast has been on how to monetise your own comic. However, there are many writers and graphic designers who are interested in using the web to produce, sell and monetise their creative children's work. However, we cannot sell and monetise children's contents the way we sell and monetise comic strips for older and adolescent people.

Probably your own website is not for children: Not many kids are probably interested in hearing about how you just sent your GN to the printers or talking about specific work. Normally, there is very limited use of the web for kids. Small kids don't use Google to find information, and they don't have Paypal bank accounts or major payment systems.

Childrens are playing and watching shows on childrens web sites. You don't go to your own publication blogs, read your web comic or browse your portfolios page. While you could sell your own children's literature to the parent who visits your own website, there are some serious issues with this method. But only a percent of your site traffic actually has a child for whom they would buy your child's work.

Only a small proportion of them will actually buy your work. And not to forget that those who are not used to shopping on your site are not in a purchase modus when they use it. If you do a web comic, you have a straight line to your audiences.

There is NO reconnection to the kids you want to read your children's literature. That'?s a dilemma when you want to buy children's literature. To successfully promote and monetise the contents of your creative kids, you need another intermediary. You' re not gonna be too shocked when I say you can be your own aide.

Ability to build your own parent-friendly website: Build a dedicated website with a shop and bi-log. Easily publish parent-friendly contents that periodically highlight children's originals in your business. Obviously you need to find a way to build your own distinctive label.

Generating enough RSS (Google Food) to keep your site going and placing it high on the web sites listings can be hassle. Create a brand website together that contains and markets your own children's literature. It keeps the RSS news reader running, provides more news and has an attractive, collaborative feel that you wouldn't have if you had done it all yourself.

Use caution when you admit someone to your team. Offer your children's contents in an app: Create a Children's Bookstore application for iPad or other portable device that lets you buy and distribute high-quality children's music. It would have to be sold to the parent.

Childrens are playing a game, watching videos and reading iPad related files that are owned by their families, but they don't go to Apple to download the app. But there are already some rather coole iPad-like pills for them. Maybe we will soon see children's trays with an allocation function (similar to iTunes) that will allow them to buy a child-resistant one.

This would be a good way to fill the shop with more contents that can boost turnover (as long as you don't ask too much of the customers). If the different tracks are related in some way (quality, styles, themes, formats, whatever....) and the overall level of consistency and excellence, this could result in an application that is both lucrative for the artist and accessible to the family.

However, no amount of money you market and monetize your children's literature, you need to build a label that your parent can rely on. It' s important to attract the interest of your parent and not just of other performers or cartoonists. This group alone will probably not be enough to live off your work.

They need the help of their parent to pass on their creative contents to their child. What are you planning to do to contact the family? If your own private label is not enough, what is the trademark you will use to tell them?

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