Make your own Children's Book Online

Create your own children's book online

Create your own book online with designs and templates. With BookBaby it is easy to publish the eBook for children online. She is the main character in an illustrated children's book series about her life. Create your own parent-friendly website:. They already have a good online following.

Children's illustrated book

For the celebration of International Children's Book Fair, we have compiled a collection of some of the fantastically illuminated children's photo books available in our online bookshop. This book is about a canard named Albert who can't go swimming. It was one winter's holiday when I passed our little foie gras lake and it was freezing.

Initially I wanted to paint the cartoons I would take at the actual Ducks Pool, but I realized that it would be difficult to take the submarine pictures I needed. This book was made for my dear Elspeth's third birth. I' ve got to make a book for my little girl and my boy, five and two, respectively.

This book is about a little kid and his desire to eat a tasty water melon, but various things are trying to get in his way. I' m going to make a book for my nephew's second Christmas because he's already possessed by them. about him and his favorite thing.

This book is for my cousin Freddie and fortunately, when Christmas came, he still liked watermelon and he liked the book. I' ve made the book for my godchildren Gray & Blue because I thought it would be great to grow up with your own book. The Sock Spiders is for my boy Hal, Iris and Ollie is for my girl Iris.

They are both about my kids and their fictitious boyfriends who throw them into disaster. I wrote and comprehended my book'Elliot & Hoppa und die Suche nach Squiffy' because a year before I had created and illustrate a book for my child (also published by Robert Books) and felt obliged to do something really unique for my newborn.

Thought it would be an interesting tale that behind the doors there are new and odd realms he would go to with Hoppa to find the intangible Squiffy. She was the midwife of Frank and Kate Kimber Bull from Limpsfield, Surrey, in 1896.

I' ve done this for my relatives and my boyfriends who knew my grandma, and for everyone else who like it. This book is about a turtle that got stuck in the backyard. I and my oldest boy Henry (3. 5. 5. year) wrote this history. We' d been planning to make a book every year, but we didn't make it this Christmas - maybe a birthdays or next year!

He was just at the right time when he liked to hear invented tales and tell himself silliness. This was a classified research that Henry and I were talking about before we went to bed - we were first talking about what kind of people could be in a book if we were to create one.

I had to take up the basic concept of the turtle history (that the turtle thought a part of the other creatures was much creepier) and started with a whole lot of pictures of the creatures in different places. Sitting down with all the pictures, I asked Henry what each of the pets might think.

Every idea the pets had in mind (e.g. "in search of a tasty worm") came from Henry, as did the nicknames, all of which came from his buddies. This book was a gift for Henry and me to recite to my youngest boy (6 months old). By Christmas Henry hadn't seen the definitive release yet, so it was a big surpise for the whole team.

She was beautiful with wild flowers and fairy, and she liked it. As it turned out, many other folks did, and so began my personalized gift shop with my alphabetic sketches - Sheba Themes. In my imagination I created an alpha of figures of animals from my early years, my dear little ones, each with its own name, which begins with a different one.

I' ve built personalities for these sassy little'animals at work' and put them in their own town of Alphabetville, where they ran a regular boat - right? When I used Bob Books to make a photobook about my family's pranks, my head went up.... and so began the revival of my dear little friend The Animals at Work in Alphabetville.

I was enthusiastic about my latest book once again, and I have the feeling that I would now like my burgeoning collection of illustrative children's literature, perhaps to have a broader view. Already at a young age she liked to draw and paint. My ABC Book is a simple and entertaining way to create your own wonderfully illuminated children's album.

Just include a picture and text for each character in the script to make a beautiful book for your kid. This is a one-of-a-kind present, and one that your loved ones will really appreciate.

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