Make your own Children's Book

Create your own children's book

Gab illustrated the book and we did small revisions to the text where we needed it. The personalized children's books show the children they love. How to find wonderful story ideas for your children's book. This is a collection of activities for various children's books. Includes directions and FREE printing for children to create their own mini-game set!

Personalized magazines for kids

It all began in 2010, thanks to the creativeness of a granny who was writing tales for her newly born grandchild Dodo: she not only made her the heroine of the tale, but also put her in the illustration of her favourite textbooks thanks to the use of Photograph.

These homemade first brochures were so successful that Dodo's mother began to think that they should become available for every child to make their own. More than two thousand textbooks have already been personalized: some have become hard copy and others have become electronic ones, and each of them has made a child smile.

A few others should become the ideal and unexpected present for a kid who has a place in their hearts. Our personalised children's literature is available in 5 different language versions (Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French) and is designed for youngsters aged 0 to 7. Did you ever stick your face in one of those paper figurines that stand in theme parcs to take funny photos?

MAKE YOUR BOOK: All you need to customize your book is a few images of the kid who will be the main character in the story: choose up to 10 images and share them from your computer, smart phone or tray. Just obey a few simple steps to customize the illustration and see an instant thumbnail of your book.

Now you can try different pictures, go back, go on and never lose your job: all the works you have worked on are stored in your own space so you can return to them at any time! You will receive your own book at home or it will be available for you in a few moments.

Select the digitized file size (8?): Instantly fetch your book and view it on all your electronics. Select the print size (28?, including delivery within the EU): browse through a real book of papers and keep a valuable souvenir forever. In our opinion, children's books have great grandeur and are in no way subordinate to so-called adults' music.

It is our opinion that children's books should not be frightened to use an extensive and "difficult" terminology, because they are not interested in "simple words", they want to be astonished, they want to study. In our opinion, the pedagogical value of children's books lies in their own right, and it is not something that can be arranged in advance: a good book is self-educational, regardless of what it is about.

To promote the concept that children's writing represents the way the word is, with the goods and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, sometimes frightening, sometimes calming. And if you agreed to all this, you would probably appreciate our work.

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