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Create your own book online for free

Build your book with our unique book editor and put it online. You can create your own book online in just a few simple steps. Be inspired by beautiful works of art to write and share your stories. We want you to make the best book in the world! Transform your story into a book.

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Our exclusive on-line editor allows you to make your own nice books. Just type your text into the text editor or load a script from a Word file. Then you can select your size of books, make your insides and a frontpage. Or you can even load up a complete set of books - all you need to sell and print.

"because her life contains many histories. Throughout the whole trial, I have been very kind to my work and I can't expect my work to be available to everyone." "The Kind & Tell makes independently authoring simple. Your on-line books editor makes it very simple to turn your Word document into a public publication and the edit is a master!

Bookmaker Online - Create a free digital book

We' re giving you the tool to make creating, publishing and exchanging your own digitized literature simple. This will help you to make your own eBook on-line in just a few simple clicks. All you have to do is export your PDF version of your document, customize the look of your PDF document and our PDF bookmaker will take it all.

Attract new target groups and expand your audience with the kind of hands-on books that you see above. They have entrusted us with their publication of their books.


Yours words. Do something astonishing today. Produce and release a professional illustration of a history or verse in a few moments. Pick an artist or browse for a list of pictures using key words. Pictorials ( "more artwork, less text"), long form (chapters, less art) or poetic (one painting, selected words). Draw pictures onto your storybook as you type.

You can use the Insert pushbutton to display long-form sections. Fresh wordsets and artwork to produce poetic visuals. Sharing on your community network, by e-mail, or elsewhere. You can order beautiful print souvenirs and presents of your choice.

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