Make your own Book Online free

Create your own book online for free

Or you can personalize the colors by creating your own font and background. You can choose from a variety of page layouts in each template or create your own. Make your own children's book with thick and shiny pages. Select a book to create online or download the software. Made Your Own Mini-Books.

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Create your own book cover for Createspace & Kindle

Do you know that one of the templates in CreateSpace (on page 5) has a pattern that contains two JPEG pictures - one for the front and one for the back covers? Do you want to calculate the size of a full backed portrait of your document without trying to determine its size? As soon as you have uploaded these two pictures, CS will generate the spinal column for you.

I used CreateSpace default layouts when I first published with CreateSpace. And I couldn't have my book jackets made according to specifications. This was YEARS before I saw the pattern right next to the fullcover PDF. Here are three ways I can create my own book art now.

I have a Kindle Book Covers pattern, but I always release my paperbacks first and use the front picture for my Kindle Book. To use the paperback: Click on "Use user-defined dimensions" and type in the book format. You use the real file sizes of your internal book documents.

You can use one of their pictures or load your own. 5. 5 x 8. 5 or 6 x 9. A few pictures are free and some are a buck. Please dowload the finished artwork as jpg/jpeg. At Canva, we store your artwork so that you can come back and make changes later or on another date.

Finish the process and make a new one for the back. I like Canva best because of its form, which is in element. Customize the translucency of the form (or image) to produce a specific effect. The picture below is the front and back covers I made in Canva for another writer.

She wanted her picture on the book jacket. This is the back I did in Canva, too. I' ve added each of these two pictures to the CreateSpace-file for this. Your book didn't have the minimal number of pages for a book back, so CreateSpace made the book back a spot colour (note, the writer wanted a different picture of the book that was simple to modify because Canva stored all the artwork I made on my'page').

You can click on the thumbnail of the entire artwork in CreateSpace and "save as" jpg/jpeg. And Canva has Facebook artwork for you. So I bought the wallpaper for $1 and loaded up my book art individually by turning it to get the desired effect. Specify the page format in the page design.

Add one or more of your own photographs or use one of their background colours, ranging from spot colours, gradients, images/textures or pattern. Add extra online imagery. Store as jpg/jpeg and keep your publishers files in case you want to go back and make changes. Please load the front and rear covers into CreateSpace seperately.

I' ve made the following book artwork with Publisher: I' ve added the Love, Live, & God back sleeve picture to Canva so I can hide it with the transparent function. I wanted a rollercoaster on my front page for my book Myracles Sanwiched Between The Challenges-Making It Through The Roller Coasters Of My Lifes (With The Help Of My Guardian Angels).

I' ve found one in Imikimi..... and it just has a place to insert two different pictures. I' ve added my picture and the picture of an angels. How about AudiibleoverArt? Open one of the book covers you have created by double-clicking on it. I want you to make a copy.

Back and find this copy (or make a copy before opening it in Paint). "Choose "Select" - make a box with your best estimate and "Trim". I' m opening a new publisher file, make the page 5 " x 5" and paste in my personalized picture. It may be necessary to adjust the sizes of your covers to meet Kindle Direct's sizes specification.

In Paint, open your picture and change its size. Appearance covers: CreateSpace-Vorlagen est un voyage de découverte de soi et de vue à partir d'un arbre. She is an writer, lecturer and book publisher.

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