Make your own Book App

Create your own Book App

This is the easy way to create your own beautiful ebooks, right on your tray. You can add text, pictures, videos and music and even record your own voice. Build and sell book applications. Sharpen your book's profile with Amazon Marketing Services. Making a photo book quick and easy with our iPad app!

Built-in 8 high-performance book creation applications on the iPad

Put your teaching material in the hand of others? Are you sharing your brillant insights and calling yourself an writer? If so, it might be a good idea to publish it on the iPad. And the good thing is that it has never been simpler to make your ink flow quickly and effortless. Below are some of the applications you can use to build your own book on the iPad.

Every app is very different in terms of equipment and pricing, so you should find out more about each app. BooKreator is an easy way to make your own nice iBooks right on your iPad. Use iBooks to view them, share them with your buddies, or share them with your iBookstore. Perfect for children's illustrated book, photobooks, art book, cookbooks, handbooks, textbook and much more.

iBook Writer is a useful application for making audiobooks with iPhone/iPad!book writer will help you create a great book that you can enjoy reading through it. You can use the book creation utility for your own book. They can view the eBooks sponsored and produced by eBookstore or a default e-book file via eBooks to be registered in the eBookstore.

Insert the picture, videos and audio on your iPhone/iPad into your book and put it on it. Now you can put your vote in the book. It is also possible to move, zoom in, zoom out and turn a picture in a book by tapping it. You can share the book via Apple and email.

It is also possible to generate and printout a PDF-file. Make a story with your own sketches, photographs, text and music! Divide your book by printout, e-mail and iBooks! The StoryBuddy is a magic place to write, rewrite and exchange multi-page histories like never before.

Easily upload pictures from your albums for your own unique look. Create your own storyline and feel the thrill of interaction with the pages like in a book. Hear your own sound for each page and the storyline gets even better..... tell your stories to the people.

With Creative Book Builder, anyone can easily build, modify and share e-books in just a few mins. Any ePub readership, iBooks included, can view all released e-books. Use StoryKit to build an online fairy tale book. In order to make your own history, simply type a text, illustrations by sketching on the monitor, taking a picture of something you see, or draw on a piece of cardboard and then draw the picture on a piece of cardboard, or attach photographs from your album* Tones can be taken to tell your history or as music.

Build and split your own illustrative tales in a few easy moves! The School Edition contains over 250 images in 12 full image kits and all available additional functions. Tell your storyline with any text. Upload your own pictures. Sharing your photo book with your boyfriends and family. Storycreator makes it easy to make wonderful Storybooks with pictures, video, text and sound in a wonderful tool.

The Story Creator will bring your best story to live, allowing you to tell your best memories and sharing them with others. Okay, this isn't an iPhone app, but it allows you to make iPhone eBooks and it's from Apple, so, well, it's definitely a good idea to try it on your Mac. iBooks Author is available for free on the Mac App Store, iBooks Author is an astonishing app that allows anyone to make great multi-touch eBooks - and almost any other book - for the iPhone.

Featuring art galeries, videos, animated charts, 3-D charts, mathematic phrases, and more, these volumes make contents come to live like the page you print could never do.

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