Make your Child's Story into a Book

Turn your child's story into a book

Turn your story into a book, a perfect book present. Turn your child's story into a book, turn your diary into a book or create your own short story book. Transform your child's story into a fully illustrated fairy tale book by Bubble Works. That's how our book came about! Did you or your child write your own story or book?

This is a funny gift idea: Turn your own story into a book

So why not catch it all and make your own story a book for your hard-to-get one? It' the ideal present because it's intimate - and it should be enjoyable and enjoyable. It' very simple - much simpler than you think - to make a marvellous book.

The easiest way to do it is to buy a picture book or scrarapbook and fill it with your favourite photos or other valuable souvenirs. To take bookmaking to the next stage, try a set or site that will help you put your story together and put it in great form.

Some such as Make Your Own Book: Matthew Liddle's Running Press Discovery Kit offers everything you need to make your own book: empty pages, sewing material, end papers, adhesive, brushes, a book cover and an empty mover. It is easy to make a home-made yet shiny book.

Ilustory is a set of guides, a story webplaner, coversheets, book pages (additional pages are provided if you make a mistake), cleanable markings, web production drawers, a stamped book jacket, and an order from. Of course for your book! Compile your book and print it for you.

Whilst many of these sets are thrilling decisions, they may not meet the standard of workmanship that you are looking for. It' perfect for children's literature, but you can go one better if you want. Here you can compile your cookery book, photo book, a compilation of brief histories, the story of sculptural art in Italy, a star and constellation book or a book of handicrafts.

Everything you can think and do can be made into a great book and present. This is a present! You have many different ways to make your story a true, sophisticated and professionally written book. Make your own book now.

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