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We' re making it easy for you to do self-publishing, from start to finish. When you have finished writing your book, you may ask yourself: "What do I do now? As this didn't work, I used the Grammarly online correction service to check each chapter again. Selling the book depends on the author's ability to sell it. What if the bookstores don't accept your book?

Make your books easier to find on Google's online platforms.

Today's consumer is looking for instant opportunities when searching the web, so it's more important than ever to be present on precious sites like Google Books and Google Play. Whilst these two precious work together to market and advertise your books, they have two different features.

While Google Play is a trading site where users can buy eBooks to be downloaded and viewed from their computer or portable device, Google Booking is a special eBooks searcher. We' re working with Google Booking to index your eBooks and make them available for interested purchasers and purchasers to see and review, and with Google Play to make sure everyone can buy your eBooks on this market.

Find out how each of these precious plattforms helps to promote your work. With all of our eBook contents available on Google eBooks, your contents can be found on this important one. At Google eBooks interested reader can see some contents of the eBook with Google Preview. There are also e-publishing and printed versions of your eBook available, and prospective purchasers can find out more by viewing the full details of your eBook, access comments from other users, and give them everything they need to make an educated buying choice.

Google's proprietary Google Algorithms uses client information to identify the contents displayed to each individual viewer based on their previous browsing histories and to tailor the contents to each visitor's unique interests. Delivering the e-pub in Google Preview indexes and searches the full text of the eBook, making your song easier to find.

If, for example, a user enters "Zebra fish biology" into the quest and your textbook contains paragraphs that directly address this subject, he would normally see this as part of his thumbnail, making your textbook more attractive for you. We have a connection to Google Previews, making it possible to integrate the previews for Google Books and Google Play players.

We can also embedded the previews in places such as our own shop website so that consumers can explore the contents before purchasing. Completely embedded into Google searching - This allows the user to directly consult your eBook within simple searches. On your book's Google Books page, people can see the title picture of your title, descriptions, and how to find your work.

Like Google Books, we make all our eBooks available for you to view and buy on Google Play. GooGoogle Play provides important information from the eBook, which includes the descriptions and most important functions, information about the authors and information about how to get to it, as well as the eBook functions and available file types. You can also browse the contents of the Google Play products page for each eBook and post ratings.

Default retailing on all Android enabled phones - This ebook size eBook allows users to buy your eBook as part of their Google Playlist as well. It' easy for users to find your books in Google Plays and always be able to get them on their computer or portable dev. We want to make your books available through the above-mentioned means in order to improve findability, consciousness, readers and shopping among the target groups.

In addition, we are continuing to explore new ways to improve findability through new ways of working with our affiliates and we are always looking for ways to increase your title's exposure in a constantly changing market.

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