Make own Book Online

Create your own book online

To have my own printed book in my hands and see how my fans buy it feels incredible! It is cheap, fast and easy to publish your book. Children self-published If you choose to have one of your books professionalised and send it to you or someone else as a present, your parent will have to settle. While it works quite well on an iPad / tray, we suggest that you create a thumbnail and make all changes to your book on a computer.

Your user name and your passwords are used to secure your login and your bankroll. They also allow you to store your work. Children must enroll with a parental or legal guardian if you are 13 years or younger, but it is also a good way to ensure that your family knows what you are doing online, because your family wants to make sure that you do this.

Is it possible for an adulthood to sign up for their own bank accounts? Just enter your parent/guardian name with your e-mail, enter a user name and your passwort and begin to doodle. How do I proceed if I forgot my user name? Didn't get the activation e-mail? We only store your individual accounts, forums, avatars, favourites and stored project data for your use.

Avatars are characters that you can personalise and use to stand out when you interact with your online mates. Where is my account? When you are conducting a republishing projects for your classes, choose your instructor here so that you can refer your book to your instructor for review/order. Where do I get started?

Choose the book "Story Style". One default 20 page, hardback book is $24. 99 includes 17 pages that you generate, a front page and a back page generated automatic. First you can upload pictures and a "About the author" section on the back or click "To story" to go to your history to begin typing.

It is possible to load up your photos or scans or create your own illustration on "Illustrate itt". Can you help me learn how to compose a book? What do I do with my book? Click on any book in My Readings to work on it. You can then have a look at your book in the thumbnail to see what it looks like!

In order to move a page, open it and click on "Move this page before" and choose the page that should appear after this page. What do I do with a book jacket? If you open "Write Itt" and type in a track, a book artwork will appear. Insert your name and a picture on the front and back as well as a book abstract or via the authors' area.

There' s a colour beam that is placed over the front of the book so that your picture is not obscured by important parts. In order to protect you, the "About the author" back page is not displayed when your book is divided in our library. Can I create a comic/graphic book?

Then click on "Write itt" and choose Comics to start. Enter the name and heading of the writer and back up your book using the "About the author" section. Next, make the front sleeve with a wallpaper of your choosing (color, photograph or scan artwork). Have a look at a thumbnail at any given moment to see what your cartoon will look like after printing.

You can use a scan to take a picture of your photos or take a picture. Just pick the type of characters you want to make. You can then pick any of your heads, trunk and feet to create your own personality. If you want, you can name the picture to make it easy to find.

If you no longer wish to share the book with the general public, choose "Remove from Library". For reasons of your protection of your private sphere, the author's name is concealed from the frontpage. Please let us know if there is an writer you would like to see. Do you have a way to get in touch with an artist or artist?

In order to participate in a contest, log into your profile, go to the contest page and choose the book you want from your profile. Can I order a copy of my book, cartoon or stationary? Choose "Add to Cart" next to your history in "My Projects". You can also give your book to your folks with a banker.

What does it take to make a professional book? Comics? Letterhead? When you want to create a professional-quality copy of your book in an 8 x 8" 20 page book (17 useable pages), it costs $24.99. Max. number of pages for the book back is 50.

Softcover cartoon / graphics novel costs $16.99 (6" x 9" with 20 pages plus cover). Please click on the greeting map on the start page. Gifts are forfeited 1 year after the date of sale. Your complimentary voucher will be deducted from the bill and if there is any funds, you will be asked for your parents' bank account to place the order.

How do I, as a schoolteacher, post my students' tales? We' ll customize your profile to your instructor status and we' ll also provide you with a 10% off on your order. All changes to a book in the Tutor Accounts are stored in the source book.

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