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This is because it is very, very similar to Snapchat's "My Story" function. You have a variety of ways to share your story. Begin by opening your story and clicking'Share' under the banner on the right. Sharing a story from your story archive in a direct message or about your story. I only used this feature yesterday, it expired because of me.

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Please join other authors and enjoy reading their works. React to commentaries and proposals about your work and history. Do you think someone's story reminds you of a track, a movie, a photo or a real one? Do not forget to include a story narrative (plot synopsis). It is your readers' first record in your story. Make it clear so your reader knows what to look for.

For example, the narrative describes: "New chapter after chapter every Friday! Speak to your readership in the text of the story. Let your reader guess. Some things you can deploy and use that are really outstanding because they help folks find you and your stories: You make things easier to find every goddamn thing you put in a hyperlink.

If you place more than one link, you will be more prominent and you will find more of them. Become a member of a local Rotary fan and get to know new members! There are many different associations for both reader and author. Allow you to split your story by going to the category your story is in and watching the recorded debate we have at the top of the team.

A number of authors found it useful to join forces and work on the work of others. Are you an artist and do you help other human beings?


So what's an episode? Episode A is a portable story-telling portal and plattform. The episode offers Hollywood storylines designed from the bottom up for cell phones, not for TV and movie passion. During the episode, your decisions determine the course of your story. So far over 4 billion Episode have been watched on Episode, which together results in over 76,000 years in all!

We have also opened our story-telling plattform and have the world's biggest online story-telling communities with over 8. Three million recorded authors and 73,000 tales. Get episode on iOS or Android today! With over 4 billion Episode in 73,000 tales, Episode has the widest choice of tales on the phone.

The episode has something for everyone, from romanticism and drama to excitement and enigma. I mean, you could make the next big episode story. Do your story on the episode application or website and tell it to your audience of the world. The first episode puts YOU at the centre of the story. Make the decisions that will make your story, find your way to the world!

Join Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily as you make illicit charity and fight the enigmatic A. High School is *so* last year. Touring with Demi Lovato will test your capacity to bring your loved ones, your boyfriends and your supporters into equilibrium! Make a round in Cher's Closet, drive the hood on Hollywood Boulevard, make a phone call with a huge mobile phone.....

Three boys and a little boy.... That means three characters, three romances and three tales. Call your sweetheart, find out he's a Prince.... and that you're carrying the King Jesus born! Are they going to fall in romance in this contemporary fairy tale? You' ll be auditioning, singing in a riff-off and controlling the romance with two trebles.

Are you interested in a story? Enter the world's biggest online storytelling group. Register today to write your story and publish it to shared with million of episode people!

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