Make my own Story Book

Create my own story book

Find out why choose a template to create your book: From your first date to the moment you say "I want", you can have your own love story book! You might want to create a trailer for your book and an interview with yourself to publish on YouTube. Create your own little book with Chris Riddell. When the mail application is not activated on your iPad, select Copy Book Link.

This is my story book, Pirate: Interaktive Book Creator Review

This is my story book, Pirate: The Interactive Book Creator is a software available on iPhone that is ideally suited for kids from 5 to 11 years of age. It teaches kids the fundamentals of interactive scripts through a modular encoding system, allowing them to research a huge mix of pirates' themes and build their own story.

When opening the application, the users are welcomed with a wonderful start page and colorful images that really address the younger users, not to speak of the great sound. You have three choices in the top level menus. There' s also a setup submenu with choices for listening to your favourite songs, 3 languages in English, EspaƱol and China and the'For Parents' tool.

Back to the mnu we decide for the first instructions to make our pirates-players. This is a great area for us and our customers really loved the possibilities the app had. Drawings are nicely depicted and you can customize a boys or girls personality with color, style, facial expressions, pants, tops, pants, shoes and of course eyelaces!

You can see your current character on the right side and edit them accordingly. You can save new symbols and return to the Home screen by clicking the "Home" icon in the upper lefthand area. They make some great interactivity sounds as you create them, and the easy user experience has been a joy for our much younger kids, too.

You can create a personal account to store more than one account, character and book in the game. In the center part of the top level window, the central part of the screen allows the operator to begin to create his story. It indicates that it is appropriate for the 5-11 age group, but we would say that story and animated creation is quite demanding and younger people would certainly need some help using it.

The 6 buttons on this monitor have 6 different settings. The' Home' pushbutton reappears at the top right. There' s an optional book store in the library at the top center of the page selector at the bottom right where pages can be added to the book.

You can find the Create Story pushbutton in the lower right corner of the PowerShell. We' d best call this the chartbutton. You can drag and drop your existing avatar into the sequence. You can also add more avatars, add guns and change the backgrounds. It is suggested that the users first select the wallpaper and then create a story about it.

You can scale the shapes with a basic trace and extend technique and we like the possibility to remove the glyphs with a basic move and dropping. Several of our younger less motorized people found it quite hard to scroll through the character and often had many unwanted character on the game.

After selecting a player you can use the top right corner of the screen to create an animated game. There' s an optional feature to turn the person above the heads and our viewers found the personas very simple to move in the game. In the animated menue the application comes into its own and rises in a degree of complexity.

This application implements a module-based encoding system that allows the operator to select a set of operations to place in the timeline above. Signs can be set to move and balloons appear. They can even pick up their own voices or create sounds to story scenes, our people love this function!

Here you have several options: drawing motion, addition of signs, repetition of cycles, addition of language and several operations. Especially we liked the'Action'-programming and soon we had two personalities on the boatplane! After completion, the story can be stored in the library. Adjust the watch or take a picture of a buccaneer in the bezel.

Unfortunately, our young players often got bogged down in our characters and some of them got a little bit disappointed, teacher and parent have to help the newcomer. Designers can consider some other toolbar calls to let the operator know which toolbars are performing which actions because some of the toolbar colors and icons look the same.

It is a marvellous application that not only promotes communications, story telling and fantasy, but also provides an introduction to fundamental programming and sequence. It' great to see a light weight application that is much easier to program and better suited for younger people.

This is my story book, Pirate: The Interactive Book Creator is an application for children from 5 to 11 years of age. You will give your kid the freedom to research and build a huge mix of character combinations in a matching topic and design his own story. Now you can do it!

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