Make my own Story

Making my own story

The opportunity to become a writer gives me a platform to reach people and tell my story in my own way. Guess I have to admit that I have an inquiring mind and sometimes my curiosity is taken by something I meet on my travels and requires a little. Add your own cards to your wish list. I' ve not always had a good story. I' d like to use it to make my dreams come true.

Cause I' m making my own story

The progression through the never-ending labyrinth, which we call living, has, as indicated, many turns, curves, road blocks and impasses. We' re always looking for better possibilities, for succes, for what we like and what makes us feel good. However, we often exchange what we like for other things - especially cash.

That is why we are looking for jobs in professional areas that help us to fulfil our materialist wishes. But what we are missing is really to love, what we do. So if your heart is in your heart, we are also weighed down by our day-to-day actions, which do not necessarily make us smile.

In all honesty, how many can say, "I like my job" and are serious about it? Don't make love like when falling in love with your paycheck, or your timetable, or such a thing, but sincerely make sure you do. Everybody has something they like to do, and we don't include that kind of enthusiasm in our life.

Whatever you like to do, you should make it a part of your lifetime, even if it's a challenge. That'?s why I wrote. As a writer, I like to read. I' m working and paying my bill and my own living like everyone else, but as I get older I realize that while it's good to have things and be steady, I also have to be lucky and pursue my dream.

I am committed to integrating this part of my Iife into my professional development so that I can really fall in touch with what I am doing. I' m writing because I' m like that. It is fun to create a story and to tell it from my view. The possibility of becoming a novelist gives me a place to contact others and tell my story in my own way.

I can sometimes describe things that happen in the realm or I can just describe a circumstance I find myself in. Obviously I like it when folks are reading what I am writing, but I like writing for myself. This is how my way of expressing myself comes, and even if not a singular individual would be reading what I have written, I would still be lucky because I would do what I want.

Folks keep asking me why I am writing. I' m doing it because I' m in it. For me it's all about a story, and I just want to make my own.

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