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Create my own book

The LoveBook is the most unique personalized Valentine's Day gift you can ever give to someone you love. Make fantastic books out of just one sheet of paper. Image of the Great Book of Christmas Songs. Skip to How do I format my book for printing if I do it myself? - Get your own book!

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Experience all your unique memories with a high-quality photobook - available in a wide selection of different shapes, envelopes and designs. Experience all your unique memories with a high-quality photobook - available in a wide selection of different shapes, envelopes and designs. Give your photobook a touch of style with our top-of-the-line assortment of metal papers, a shiny laminated hard cover and leaflets.

Ideal for travelling alumni, families presents and photobooks for the day. All of our soft cover booklets begin at $11.95. We offer our bestselling hardback book starting at just $32.95 for 13x18cm (5x7") (satin pages) and $44.95 (glossy pages). Set a great example with our 20x28cm (8x11") real cowhide photobooks. The 20x28cm (8x11") cloth booklet embellishes any bookshelf or couchtable for $39.95.

Each of our customized hardback photobooks has a long-lasting, high-quality, semi-gloss surface that has proven itself over the years. Whether you' re looking for simplicity or sophistication, our design templates will help you put your best work first. With our design, layout, adornments and topics there are no limits.

This is a photobook with important news from last year. Make a photobook for your fuzzy mates. Tailor-made hardback covers are available in various formats to meet your needs. In the following chart, the key characteristics for each book category are described. Also available are leather and linen binding photobooks for a distinctive look and feel.

Valentine's Day presents from LoveBook | The personalized gift book that says why you like someone

I' ve written the book for my first Valentine's with my new guy. and many of the caricatures to make them more useful and.... More personalised for us. So much he loves it that every year he wants to make a book to document our trip through the world.

Thanks for having created a user-friendly size for such a great and sophisticated present at an accessible cost. We' ll always hold our book in honour and look forward to expanding our collections as we merge in it. and when most of my travelling romantic tales go, he ended his trips and I began.

So now we are far away before I meet him in his country (just..... just continue reading for two more months!) I did this for a later Valentine's Day present and he liked it! That little book has made us better acquainted and now I am especially thrilled to see him personally (and that little book I made thanks to this website)!

I' ve ordered the book for Valentine's Day. So, it took me a while to find this present notion. On the eve of my vacation I placed my order and had.... Please see more about an estimate of Friday's afterlife. As we got home from eating and drinking, I was so delighted and amazed to find my book of loves outside the door.

It' coming out on Valentine's so I can give my present away. Thanks for help in making my first Valentine's Eve as a couple so perfectly. Oh, my husband used to love that book! They were thrilled to receive a present that was ONE OF A CHILD instead of the same kind of things that everyone else got for Valentine's Eve.

See the uniqueness of the present & the look of wondering on its.... See more face was noteworthy the amount of cash I have been spending & the amount of work I have been doing to put it all together. thanks! So, my friend and I have been together for 3 years and usually we don't swap presents on Valentine's date, he just gets me Flowers, chocolates and a ticket he types in so I just wanted to get him a little bit like this... You know more he' been reading how much he means to me.

As he opened it, the first thing he said was that he loved the book and still looked at it every single evening (it's enchanting). Thanks love book for help me write a few words about how much my man means to me. And I was really thrilled that I got it the next morning before Valentine's Eve, even though the shipment is expected to arrive several.... Learn more after!

I have a LoveBook for my man for Valentine's Day this year. Gone to supper & gave him his book & he totally adored it. Him especially.... enjoy reading more about how I personalised some of the pages. That book was a great success. Thanks LoveBook for this great present!

about all the things I loved him for. It' a Valentine's Day present I gave him on our date date night. Oh. Even more specific was how I used the book to announce that we had a.... Read More child!

We' ve also been sharing the book with our folks to announce the good tidings. That book was the ideal way to show him how unique he is! for Valentine's Day. I have bought the second book.... Please reading more the first one was for my best buddy and I would strongly suggest it for the dear ones as a souvenir.

I got a Christmas book of lovers from my friend and I really liked it. I' d have thought that maybe he thought that I would accept his ideas by giving him one for Valentine's Day, but he really Ioves it. Satisfied with the.... reading more result and I have definitely recommended this site to all my buddies....

You know, my friend Tracey used to love your book. I' ll be sure to be writing a Part 2 book sometime.... Please tell me more when the marriage is here. and when she got it, she could only get about three pages before she had to stop and get a handkerchief.

It was a real pleasure and she was lucky to have a present to look back on. I' ll.... Please definitely make more of another book in theut. Thanks for this great present notion. I' m not exactly celebrating Valentine's Day. This year I had someone to be with!

But I also like to personalize it with some great things. I' ve put it together for my friend..... Just reading more who doesn't currently reside near me and he loved it most! It' s a great book and it was here before Valentine's Day (I was rather slow to place the order)!

I' m definitely going to use Love Book again! On Valentine's I gave this to my fiance for Valentine's and he was blowed away, said it was the most moving present he had ever conceived, and was teary. No. I don't know. This book came faster than I thought and the overall qualitiy was much better than me..... more info.

It was something my friend liked! and how quickly it came. I' m already working on my next book and thank you for making Valentine's Eve so beautiful! This was for my guy on Valentine's Eve. It was something he liked. Best of all, our girls will also have this book to look back on a little.... Learn more about their parents' history and what we like about each other.

I used to love it! I' m ordering this book for my man. There were a bunch of great things that were so simple to build and customize that I liked it, so I just chose those that were applying and modified the phrase as I would speak to him. And I also..... Please see more added empty pages, so it was simple to insert some images related to the Theme.

There was always a grin and crying tears in his eye while my man was reading it. I got it even sooner than I thought, which was great because I was able to give it to him for Valentine's because I ordered it later. and he was very pleased.

It was definitely not what he expected and the best part was that the book was shipped to my college site, so he opened it in front of all our...... more info. He' possessed by the book and he' very complimentary. It was a very different and contemplative way of showing him my passion for him.

I' ve got this book for my friend, it was our first Valentine's Day together. I think he liked how I could make the backdrop fit into different parts of his home.... Learn more to make it more personalized for us what was beautiful. and I' m always doing stuff for an anniversaries or Valentine's Day.

I' ve been to Pinterest, looking for inspiration, and this book showed up. In the last few years I liked that I could adapt everything that.... Please see more happening together. So I thought it would be the ideal present! It was something he totally liked! Many times my woman would complain that they weren't intimate enough, they were what everyone else got.

The adaptation of the book of loves to us was a great success, nobody else got the same present. It was telling our important history. That book I wrote for my fiancée on Valentine's Eve was a tale the first time we saw each other. It' been 3 month since we were together.... After 6 years of reading more dedicated, so I knew that this book would mean a heap.

As he opened the book and began to open it, he could not stop weeping. Thanks so much for letting me write our romance. that I gave it to my missus the eve of Valentine's Day. And we showed it to our kids, and they liked it, too.

Everyone.... reading more my work buddies thought it was great! It was a book I really enjoy and my missus really liked it. We celebrated the date we had a meeting 12 years ago and the date he asked me to get married on Valentine's 11 years ago and our anniversary 10 years ago.

It is the first book I have put it into,.... Learn more about all my memory and events of these years. And I wept with all the things I had to write in the book. I had my man see it after dinner at the diner. Each page was full of fun, humour, romance and reminiscences.

Said he never got a more unforgettable present. We plan to make one for our adopted baby so she can have a book to remember forever as she has become our little-boy. Valentine's Day present for my hubby.

Then he started reading his book, and he was smiling when he was reading every page. He' s such a.... He' s ready more mush. No. Lovin' that man to the skies and back. I am really very happy with the book! He was so touched and amazed by the book of loves! We' ve been reading it together, laughing and sharing a teardrop.... I would also like to thank you for the fast shipment - although.... Please continue reading, it was supposed to be around February 15, because of my later buy, I got it on February 14 and it was the ideal Valentine's deed.

On Valentine's Day I gave my friend his book and he totally adored it! And we sniggered a little while he was reading it because it was so real. And I was very upset to give it to him. He' sticks to his desktop at work as a day-to-day memory.... Learn more about all the little things that mean so much in our relationships.

and I sent this to him for Valentine's Day. It was something he used to love! What I particularly like is how I was able to adapt the book to our relationships very well. I' d.... please reading more about this for anyone who wants to make a great big step forward!

As a Valentine's Day present for my late teammate, I bought my Love Book. It was not only a straightforward procedure, but the book's work was also of astonishingly good standard. I was dizzy with dizziness when you were reading more than one man on CD. As the recipient opened the book of loves for Valentine's Day, he said: "Oh God...."

This reaction made me careless, but as he looked at the book, his eye opened and he grabbed me. Having his.... Please see more loving for her and thanking me 100's time I asked, why did you say, oh God, when you opened the book?

And he said: My talent is not so contemplative. As soon as I saw the book, I knew my present was incomparable. "This was the ideal way to convey my emotions to my 5-year-old mate. I' m dying to use Love Book, LLC again for Mother's Day, anniversaries, ETC. Thank you!

My missus opened the crate, she knew it was a book. She had no clue that I made a book about our lives. Wept with lachrymations of joy and romance. That was the best present I gave her for Valentine's Day.... Just reading more day because it was so persona.

I ordered the book for my ideal prospective spouse and it was a success:) The book came 1 days early (13/02) and it was the ideal present for Valentine's Eve (he was really moved to see why I..... See more loving him so much and he was crying too - a little'because he's courageous, of course :))).

So, thank you, it's just great. Great present, great time, great communications! This is a book I got my missus for Valentine's Day. It' been a great present.... Please continue reading and it will be really difficult to surpass next year. This book was just great and something completely different for a Valentine's present. It was something my fiancé used to love.

I' m giving it to him on Valentine's Day. It' very special and I like the work you do! What a beautiful and one-of-a-kind present. but when I got it, I was so upset I gave it to her two week earlier.

She' s been reading it several and noticing something.... Learn more about what she always like. Well, I really enjoy the thought of giving my late Valentine¹s Day book to my late wife. It' loving that it is one of a kind in every respect. I would like to append that to her..... See more client support is astonishing!

But the book looks fantastic! I' m dying to see his face when he opens up.... Learn more about his Valentine's Eve present! It' for Valentine's Eve. I' m loving it. I and my man got to know each other in high schools, but we got out of contact over the years.

He was crying, said it was the most contemplative and most sweet present anyone had ever given him! It was so sweet and she liked it that you can write blisters in the words, which makes it so much more individual and unique.

It is an astonishing present for every birth day, Valentine's Day.... more info on day or year. 10 to 10 great gifts! so I haven't given it to him yet. I' m so upset! He' ll like it. I know that. It' the ideal way to show someone how you are.

It' s like I like.... See more customisable it is & how many choices are there to select from, while I also like all the standard one. It' a Valentine's present for my man....... so he hasn't seen it yet, but I so do. Oh, I totally adore it! This book is for Valentine's so he hasn't seen it yet, but I can't wait for it!

Do not know if I have the cash for Valentine's and are near the same date I purchased ANAVSERY..... Find out more as early as possible. It was the book she liked the most. It' gonna be a Valentine's present. He was my husband's friend. I purchased the book and he liked it.

That was totally flawless. Thanks for giving this present.... More about Valentine's Eve! Valentine's present for my mistress! Beautiful book and beautiful designs for my two. Quite.... Find out more about quick deliveries to France! It' here and it' perfectly. I' m gonna give it to my Valentine's Eve woman and let you know her response.

It was given to my friend for our second Valentine's Eve. It was something he liked. It' his favourite book now. Just one of... Learn more about the best Valentines I've ever given. I' ve given my spouse my book of lovers for an early Valentine's present. It was something he liked! Still can't believe it's a book.

I' ll keep using Lovebooks on his birthdays and so on...THANK YOU! I' got this Valentine's book for my friend. It was something he totally liked! Said it was the most imaginative present he'd ever had. He now wants to make a framework to keep it secure and on the mural.

But I wanted to personalise it somehow. Oh, I totally love that book. And I can't wait to give it to my friend on Valentine's Eve! Purchased as a Valentine's present for someone in particular, she hadn't received it yet, so look at this room.

It' a constant memory of why it's perfection! I had a friend who liked his book of loves. I wanted it to be his Valentine's Day present, but when I got it, I was so enthusiastic about the book that I had to give it to him early!

It is definitely a..... Just reading more easy, but highly reflective present for any one in my mind. I think she was so fond of it. Thanks, everyone, it's a great present. I' ve been reading some review and looking at the commentaries on Instagra before ordering and some were quite against it. In my case, however, everything was just fine.

When I ordered my book it came a fortnight or so and I was.... I was more surprised when I saw it in the mailbox that quickly! It' a Valentine's Day present, so my friend hasn't seen it yet, but I'm happy to have it! I' m giving it to my friend on Valentine's Day.

and I' ve adapted a few things. I can' resist him reading it! This is a Valentine's Day present for my friend. Loving how it came out! Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to design such a well thought-out and personal present.

I' m sure my friend will like it.... more! I' ve made a book for my friend for Valentine's Day. I gave it to him early because I couldn't wait!) He liked it! I definitely suggest you make one for your family. But I haven't given it to them yet. It's a Valentine's present.

Though I showed it to my co-workers & they so much liked it that they also made it from you! But I know that my man loves and appreciates his new book.... Please have a look, he will receive it. He was so shocked when he saw this book in the post!

Thanks so much for making this Valentine's Day something really unique for us. I' ll.... Please buy your book in the near term! It' s my favorite! I' m thinking it could be a gas for my friend. That book was perfected. It' been given as a Valentine's present and she totally loved it.

It was a great way to show how I felt and put it in this kind of style as a permanent memory of my.... More reading pleasure is a great notion. That was for my man's birthday/ Valentine's Day. I have chosen a few pages and he was laughing and smiling as he was reading them through.

All in all he was quite dumbfounded when he was done.... Please have a look at the pages. It' so much pleasure to make my own little book. I can' t wait to give it to my Valentine's Day sweetheart! I' made this book Valentine's Day for my great friend.

He' had a rough time last weekend, so I thought I'd give him the book. Best part.... See more he was completely overjoyed. You and I were reading the book together, and he was commenting on every page. So that he could see it every single second.

It was something he totally liked. I' m definitely gonna order out of the book of loves again. This was the ideal Valentine's Day present! This book is great! This book is for my daughters.... this Friday she is 17 years old! It' for a Valentine's present! With this book she can always recall how.... Please tell me more, I like her and what she means to me!

It was my absolute love to make words that match our relationships. This I wanted to give to my man for Valentine's but I was so thrilled that I gave it to him the same time! Favourite book. It' s.... more a very contemplative and extraordinary present for the particular personality I give your aura.

Love the way the book turned out. Show it to a girlfriend, and she's planning on doing one. I' ll probably make another one for Valentine's Eve.

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