Make my Child's Story into a Book

Turning my child's story into a book

Transform your child's story into a real book. Explore ideas about Sell Your Books. Consider joining a group of writers like SCBWI in the US or SCBWI UK in the UK. You can see, some children's book genres have decent money coming into them, with less competition. The answer I have received is that the matter is being investigated quite quickly.

Transform your child's story into an illustrated book! - Slow Work Review

Your kid loves to tell a story? Turn your child's story into a full-color illustration book! Creativity in India children who like to type can now have their literature beads illustrate and publish. Right on schedule for her twelfth anniversary, my little big girlfriend got the little treat of her life - her own book!

Till their history came to fruition! This little book-loving penguin and musician has written many illustrative and non-illustrated tales in her time. Bubble Works' Arthi Ramaiah has help turn her latest story into a RELEW! All that differs is that it was her story (based on a genuine event, anyway) and was vividly portrayed just for her.

What made the whole experience memorable for us was this personalised book by Bobble Works! Arthy asked me to submit one of Sanica's tales. However, you can also work with a story on a piece of hard copy. When I read the story and realized that the protagonists were genuine human beings (my daughters and their female team), Arthi asked me to sent photos of the sisters.

Thought she' d ask them to get a picture of their hairstyles etc. because there were 5 of them in one story! They were so much like the figures in the book of fairy tales, especially my daughter's work! She was really amazed to see her own story on high-quality papers, her name as an writer and the almost realistic images in it!

Wish I could publish all my children's tales in a similar way. Nice illustration on thick, high quality papers! It is a true-to-life mixture that gives the story a perfectly "faraway land" feeling while at the same time holding it up. This book itself is written on high quality papers used in the best storybook we have.

Celebrating and illustrating every story, the staff at Dubble Works will enhance its beauties. Recently I had posted about ways to help your kid type. There is no better stimulus for older children interested in creatively typing than publishing their work!

This book encourages my daughters to write seriously. To see her story so professionally publicized has given her an insight into the true letter. She' discovered how good her story looks and feels when it's released with the right illustration. INR 6000 or $100 is fully justifiable if you remember that your child's story gets a professionally trained illustrated artist and is reproduced on thick, high-quality papers, just like the volumes it has in its own collection.

This will allow more mothers to publish their child's work and even order more than one copy to share with other mothers!

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