Make Money Writing Articles

Earn money writing articles

Earn money writing articles in a few simple steps: Through meticulous work and research, I created and compiled this list of websites that offer authors the opportunity to earn money by writing articles. If you really focus on it, you can write a lot of money on a freelance basis. Earn money writing articles: Up to $300 in blog fees for your guests.

Freelancing is a great way to make money writing articles on-line because there is huge amount of interest in blog postings, alwaysw! That doesn't make it simple! Trouble is..... it takes a lot of work to find highly paid freelancers, especially if you're a newcomer. . In fact, if you are visiting any of those professional market places or employment websites, you may see that it is packed with hundreds odd thousand writers/bloggers.

A further issue is that publishers or customers on freelancers do not charge much. I would like to distinguish three terms: freelancer blogs, visiting bloggers and contentmarketers. Freelancer is someone who is charged for writing blogs for his customers (can be an individual or company). A blogging site is someone who submits a piece to a weblog and publishes it on another person's website.

It can be payed for it or is usually free of charge - against a back link at the end of his visiting mail. You can also do customer blogs. This means that a customer pays a visiting blogsman when he writes about his company on another website.

I am not a freelancer or a visiting blogsman, for example, as I have not yet posted guests to another blogs. However, I can be described as a contentmarketer because I write blogs that attract target-oriented music. I' ve already mentioned over 51 freelancing writing jobs (plus 25 freelancing writing tips) a few nights ago.

There was a complete listing of professional market places, free lance publishers, free lance publishers, free lance publishers, free lance publishers, free lance publishers, free lance publishers, free lance publishers, free lance publishers, free lance publishers, content and more. But, as I have already said, the issue..... most of the sites that appear on this blogs posts are large mass market utilities and their adoption and pay rates are on the low side.

So if you are a freelancing writers who want to make money writing, but is getting weary of low pay writing shows, then here is a bunch of sites that will pay up to $300 (or sometimes more) for your articles and post-books. That is, you get charged when you post to the following sites and weblogs.

Notice: The whole purpose of this whole blogs item is to show you that there are a tons of sites that are willing to spend thousands of bucks on a particular one. Don't think of this posting as your final goal when writing the gig. Now you' re getting paid to blogs!

Its aim is to show the reader ways to conserve money and effort. Money, Meals, Living & Car, Lifestyle, Families, etc. Pay: $0. 10 per letter or $50 per letter, of 500 words. Everyday Windshield is an on-line journal devoted to the voyage of a lifetime through belief, the world of business, the world of business, the world of business, and the world of work.

It is a blogs for blogs who want to be rewarded for their opinion. Authors can make money depending on how much they like their contributions. Please note: The Everyday Windshield and The Daily Heckle are included here as they publish new blogs on a regular basis. CollegiateHumor Media provides comic contents every day, among them video, images, articles and quips, which are produced and/or written and/or curated by CollegeHumor team. is one of the oldest and most reputable pages for freelancing. WOW! is a worldwide publication that supports the creative, energetic, blood, perspiration and tearing of woman in all phases of the writing world. FundForWriters is an on-line tool for authors. It is important to us to find the money to make writing a real life careers.

SmartSmashing is an on-line journal for web professionals focusing on useful technologies, best practice and precious resource. SpayreStudios is an on-line journal about web designing & developing and the countless other in between. They can be contributed to and charged for any of these sites.

We' re also looking for features articles for our website that cover all facets of the computer. more tec easeier concentrates on computer tuorials, how-to, hooks and fixeds. The Wise Bread is a fellowship of blogs here to help you make the most of a small budge. The GloHoliday is a website for travellers' articles that provides full global tourism resource, which includes tourist attractions, celebrations, holidays, hotels, airfare information and trip recommendations that attract tens of millions of monthly people.

When GloHoliday approached me to add her website to the earlier versions of this mailing lists, I redirected her website to my older sibling without telling her, and she wrote an editorial. And, yes, she was getting into it! With Viator, we believe that travelling has the potential to make the whole wide globe a better place.

It is our place on the Internet to part with our passions and inspiration to make this next journey. $40-$150 per mail, depending on the number of words. The Expeditioner is a website for the enthusiastic traveller with reports from some of the best writer travelers in the business, as well as reports, comments, insights and videos from a first-class blogging community around the blog.

Wand'rly is an on-line journal for full-time travellers. The MetroParent is an on-line parental fellowship that offers expertise, tales of parenthood and many opportunities for families to enhance their experiences with next generations education. You wonder how you can find more freelancing blogs? Okay, first I would like to give you a few words of care about the above blog, web sites and journals.

It is possible that ALL of the above sites already receive a ton of visitor mailings. However, if you want to be one of the first to submit an application for a writing position, try the following recruitment sites: Again, all these portals are also inundated with pitched jobs by freelancers.

So make sure you do it right, otherwise you won't even get an answer for your pitch/application. With a few Google-Search you can find new appearances quite simply. In case you haven't yet realized, most of the above sites use a page named "Write for Us" to post articles by their users and visiting writers.

You can even find freelance/guest logging options from your own countries or further restrict your results with extra filtering. It is not necessary to be a mother tongue Englishman to write a diary for one of the above mentioned diaries. However, you must be impassioned about the subject and have excellent writing abilities (especially if you are creating a highly authoritative blog).

To show your abilities, insert a hyperlink to a tutorial you wrote. Simply make sure it is related to the topic of the blogs you suggest. You are always welcome to have an online diary and an online community (especially Twitter and LinkedIn).

Or you can establish a true link with one of the blog's writers or writers (via e-mail or online messaging ) so that you can present them in a positive way. No of the above sites are for novices - those who have never posted a comment.

For newcomers to writing as a freelancer, take a look at the Handbook for Authors. As most of them are inundated with inquiries and questions, it can take several working nights (if not weeks) before your articles are posted on a top blogs. After all, you should not submit the precise picks to all sites (even if they are in the same industry).

Instead, submit a customized to any website and make it brief and easy. Whilst I have tried my best to keep this diary accurate by checking each site in person before I add it to the mailing lists, I hope you will review the "guidelines" for successfully publishing these news.

Most likely, if a similar subject already exists, your item will be declined. Or if you know another trusted blogs that pays freelancers/guest blogger to provide some of the above websites - whether it's a slower turnaround or a low adoption rates - please post your experiences as a review below.

P.S.: I regarded the alesha ranking, the blogs rate, the community activities and the general users experiences as a criterion for creating this ranking. I also made sure that the "Write for Us"-page of the above mentioned sites is accessible from their homepage.

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