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Usually you can attend a mortgaging consultation and make about 40 for an hour's work plus half an hour of hardcopy. Market forces are frantic to relocate bookmaker orders, I note. One time I had a breast augmentation that cost me 100 pounds. You may not even want to impose a brief SA on you, you will have so little money that you will go through it - I have earned about 500 a year, but in fact much better than that.

You would write down the amount of elapsed that you go in, and have to talk to at least two persons, so sit tight until you are noted or near, if not, and recall the question you need to lift plus what they look like and their name tag. You can also see how clear the ground is and whether all the lighting works.

Then, go to the checkout after spending the 5 they have permitted (I purchased writing paper - you get through a multitude of prints when you shop mystery) and recall what is said and what the checkout looked like/the clothes and how long you were queuing up. You' ll have to make a notes when you went.

Grab photos from the store to show where you are and the receipts and send them by e-mail. It' good fun, and I' ve had the most useful mortgage/savings consultation from high street Banks, plus can get a new auto very cheaply - the Auto Job should be pretending to buy a one ('they specify which one) and get the prize down as far as you can.

20 pounds a visit, and there were 10 of them as you do all the dealers in an area. The last one I made, I also had a free burgers for dinner. I was paying the fine plus a beer later, and I was going that way anyway.

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