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It is a socially network-based suites of built-in wireless and web apps that enable partners to offer publishers the ability to deliver cashless offerings ("opportunities") to customers when they fulfill certain roles or meet certain demands defined in such offerings.

It is a socially network-based suites of built-in wireless and web apps that enable partners to offer publishers the ability to deliver cashless offerings ("opportunities") to customers when they fulfill certain roles or meet certain demands defined in such offerings. Use of the Services implies your agreement and adherence to these Conditions of Use (the "Conditions of Use" or the "Agreement").

Do not use the Service if you do not accept these Conditions of Use. The present General Conditions of Business shall be applicable to all operations carried out through the Service. Duration of the Agreement begins on the day on which you register as a User and ends upon termination by either of the parties in accordance with the conditions of the Agreement (the "Term").

Participants in the Service shall prepare and publish bids on the Service that enable users to obtain bounties from the advertiser for the fulfilment of certain functions or the fulfilment of the criteria specified in the bid (such functions and/or criteria that constitute the "requirements"). Every opportunity listings contains a requirement specification and the corresponding remuneration to be provided by the advertiser.

The advertiser is exclusively liable for the contents of his offers and for the payments of the premiums to the users. The advertiser decides at his own judgement whether a certain user has met the requirements and is eligible to obtain the corresponding bonuses. Attempting to do so will violate these conditions of use and will lead to your cancellation of your membership.

Below is a listing of the types of action that you are not allowed to perform in relation to the service: They will not use the Service for illicit purposes, and will not include activities of a crime or illicit nature, which include the use of children's files, cheating, trafficking involving abusive materials, drugs, gambling, harassing, stealing, stalking, spam or commercial ciphers.

They will not use robots, spiders, seek and find applications or other manually or automatically devices or procedures to access, index, perform "data mining" or in any way replicate or bypass the navigation tree or the display of the Service or its content. They will not publish, disseminate or republish in any way copyright protected materials, brands or other protected information, unless this is done under reasonable conditions or without the previous agreement of the proprietor of these same.

They will not delete any references to copyrights, trademarks or other property right included in the Service. They will not interrupt or disturb the Service or the server or network linked to the Service. They will not falsify or otherwise tamper with any identifier to obscure the source of the information transferred through the Service.

They will not "frame" or "mirror" any part of the Service or otherwise adopt and repurpose or show any element of the Service. No part of the Service or softwares used on or for the Service will be modified, adapted, sublicensed, translated, sold, reverse-engineered, decrypted, decompiled or otherwise disassembled or otherwise disassembled.

They will not acquire or collate any personally identifiable information (including bank details) from the Service. CUSTOMIZED TERMS. I. A. BENUTZER-REGISTRIERUNG. To use the Service and obtain rewards-related money payment, you must be registered and provided with current PayPal bank details.

Non-observance constitutes a violation of these conditions of use, which can lead to the cancellation of the user accounts. Furthermore, the User recognizes that the User is: You recognize and consent that the Content that you transmit, publish or view may be accessed by other users of the Service and by third parties' use.

It is recommended that you only make available content that you can easily share under these conditions. To use the Service, you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Through the use of the Service, you represent and warrant that all information you transmit is true and correct and that you undertake to keep this information intact.

Therefore, it is forbidden for the advertiser to publish offers aimed at minors. The Advertiser and/or User may at no point (a) reveal, resell, license, transmit or otherwise make available to third parties confidential information (except for your staff and representatives who have a reasonable need to know such information and who are required in written form to comply with privacy and non-use limitations that do not protect less than those included herein), or (b) use, copy or copy confidential information, unless necessary in relation to the purposes for which such confidential information is provided to you and in accordance with the Agreement.

The advertiser and/or the user undertakes to take all necessary steps to safeguard the confidentiality of confidential information and to prevent its publication and unauthorised use. Don't set up more than one and/or forgeries. SERVICE PERFORMANCE. The clauses 2 to 17 of these conditions of use shall continue to apply after the end of the agreement. c) not violate any obligations or right of any individual or corporation, or otherwise cause or may cause any kind of defraud, public or private life, or any other form of deception, strict defects, torts, tort, violation of contracts, damages or damages to any individual or corporation; (d) are not untrue, fraudulent or deceitful; (e) are not libellous, calumnious, defamatory or menacing;

be free of any virus, Trojan horse, drop door, back door, Easter egg, worm, timebomb, cancel bot or other computer program that could harm, disrupt, capture or disown system information or personally identifiable information; and (g) abide by the terms of the current framework agreement (if applicable); the pictures and symbols available on our site may be used by our partners and third parties in conjunction with the editorial sponsorship of our service; except with prior written permission, it is prohibited for use.


All disputes arising out of or between the contract shall be subject to the law of England, without reference to the conflicts of law rules. The conditions or assurances of the contract can only be waived by a document issued in writing by the waiver of the contract. Should any clause of the contract be or become ineffective or impracticable for any cause whatsoever, this shall not prejudice the rest of the contract and the ineffective or impracticable clauses shall be superseded by a clause which comes as close as possible to the initial intention of the contracting partners and has the same commercial effect.

Each of the contracting partners is an impartial contractor and nothing in the agreement may be interpreted as creating, proving or implying any kind of agent, employer, partner or common enterprise between the partners. It is not designed to provide advantages to third persons, nor is it assumed to confer any right on third persons.

The titles used in the Agreement are for information only and do not in any way prejudice the Agreement. Your, your partners, affiliates, proxies, employees, or any natural or legal persons who act on your behalf following such notification shall be considered as your continuing to accept the Agreement and the Privacy Policy, together with any changes and amendments.

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